top 3 technical considerations for your new websiteToday, it takes more than a simple website to have a successful online presence. Competition is fierce and your site must stand out, both in visual design, and its technical abilities as well.

There’s a reason WordPress dominates the web design world: it’s easy to use and is very flexible. The ability to select from literally thousands of design templates makes it easy to find a good design that sets the image for your business. However, there are other technical aspects you should consider as you make decisions about your new business website. Here are my top 3 technical concerns you should think about when launching your new website

Responsive Design

Responsive design—or web design that scales its size automatically depending on the site visitor’s device—is critical. With more than 2.5 billion smartphones in use today, having a website that displays properly in a mobile format is vital for any business. In fact, it’s so critical that Google now favors responsive websites in its ranking algorithms. That means that responsively designed sites rank better for the same keywords than sites that aren’t responsive. That is why all UX design companies pay much heed to the design and online presence of the sites.

When selecting design templates for your website, select only those that offer responsive design options. You’ll have to work a little harder to make sure the right information shows up in the right places on the tablet and mobile versions of your site, but it will be worth it. Visitors who come to your site on their tablet or smartphone will be able to find the exact information they want from your business. It will increase sales and help you develop the image that you are a modern and serious business that can be trusted, particularly if you are doing any kind of eCommerce.

WordPress templates are often developed by third parties and sold through the WordPress system. There are numerous templates that offer responsive options. But because they are mostly made by independent developers, the codebase and other technical aspects may not be optimized for best use with every other aspect of the WordPress system. For alternatives, Duda a website builder for professionals has design templates that are developed in-house to fit seamlessly into their system.

Page Speed

With responsive design widely accepted as a necessity, page load times are the next critical issue that must be addressed. Since responsive website design is technically three designs in one, the amount of code that must be processed can slow pages down significantly.

Site visitors come to your site on their mobile devices because it’s convenient for them. They want a good site experience no matter where they are: riding the bus, sitting on their couch, or out for dinner. With this in mind, a poor user experience that delivers slow pages can undo all the work you put into a mobile design in the first place. Page load speed has a direct impact on the engagement you get from your website.

One part of the page speed issue is “render starts.” That’s the amount of time it takes for the user’s device to start displaying the content of your site. It’s been shown that when sites start to display content in less than one second, there’s a nearly 50% increase in engagement actions over sites that load their content in 3-4 seconds.

It’s critical to have a site that’s not only responsive but also one that starts to display the content quickly. This is where WordPress might not be the best answer for small to medium-sized businesses. Remember, many of the perks and features of WordPress are developed as plugins or other add-ons that come from other developers. For the speediest performance, seek out a unified solution, such as Duda, where the entire code base is written with speed optimization in mind.

Marketing Program Integration

Business websites today have to meet multiple demands—visual appeal, mobile-friendly, secure, and fast. The best websites also act as tools that help the business be more efficient. This is especially critical for small businesses, where “time is money” and there never seems to be enough of either.

One important area of concern for any business is marketing operations. This is where a website turns into a tool that’s much more than just a website. You should seek out a platform that allows you to personalize your website user experience for individual users, based on several factors, such as how many times a person has visited the site before, or where they’re visiting from. This type of automated marketing personalization will pay big dividends for your small business.

The ideal platform should also allow you to customize pages for marketing campaigns, where a visitor sees content specific to an email they received, or some other offer that you have set up. Finding the tools and platform that allow you to design, implement, and track marketing campaigns save time and money and add value for your users at the same time. The bottom line: personalization pays off.

A Solution That’s More Than A Blogging Platform

When WordPress was launched in 2003, it was revolutionary. It was a great solution that helped businesses begin to build their online brand and publish on the internet. And as a content management system, it’s still relevant today. But business has changed. Duda is a robust, integrated solution that’s ultimately efficient and feature-packed; it meets the heavy technical demands of conducting transactional internet business with ease.

If you’re looking for a website platform that can be flexible while still meeting the complex demands of conducting business on the internet, seek out a solution with a unified and efficient code-base, and the ability to serve multiple business needs in a single package. The fully integrated Duda solution brings marketing functionality and optimized page speed that will help you stand out from the crowd, and manage your business to success.