website traffic strategies tips guidesWorking to get website traffic is just like working on the city showroom appearance to increase footfall. You need to have good location to start with. And, if somebody is attracted by the look and enters your showroom, you must have exciting product line-up to keep the visitor engaged and amused and to send him back after making a purchase. In the web world too, you have to do a complete overhauling of your website on a regular basis if you want it to remain hot amongst the users coming to internet for information or purchase.

Any marketing strategy can work only if it is fine tuned according to the requirements of the present times. Thus, we bring you here the top 5 popular strategies which have delivered positive result to the websites seeking increase in traffic.

1. Pay Attention to Content – Why Not Write It from Scratch!

Yes, your content is just the product line-up of your physical showroom. Don’t you change the merchandise every month or fortnight? Or highlight the new arrivals? Then, why take content on your website lightly? You have guiding stars like Google Analytics to find what is expected from you by search engines. So, take cues and change the overall content. Your content must include qualities like:

  • It is providing solution
  • It is full of legitimate facts
  • It is written in engaging tone and is meaningful
  • It has a clean format inclusive of sub-headings, bullet points, etc.

Make sure that you have hired the best content writers or have got in-house team of content researchers to help you with changing the text, images, graphics etc on your website and make it time-relevant and user-friendly.

2. Increase Immediacy Quotient

Explore, Select, Buy – the world of your website has to be pretty simple. We are living in a fast paced world clamoured with competitors. So, why our website has to lag behind? There should be call to actions on most eye-catchy places, the product descriptions should be like remedy for your problem and offers simply fantastic! Make an intelligent mix of ease, style and functionality to prepare website and nothing can stop you in 2018.

3. Speak the Language Your Customer Understands

You can make your website a favourite amongst users if you explain things simply yet interestingly. People come to website to seek solution and not to solve a puzzle. So, make your website content as simple in language as possible. Make use of small sentences, change headings to something more eye-grabbing and encouraging enough to entice people to act – and most importantly, add language tools to make the content relevant to wider audiences.

4. Headlines That Create a Stir

“Try what Mr X did to lose 30 pounds in 60 days!” – This is one of the many examples you can follow to give your headlines a makeover. The catchy headline does not meant catchy font – it means it carries a message that charges up the readers to action and to share it others too. You got your own advertising agency – your headline – to work for increasing your popularity!

So, follow these simple and free of cost strategies to make things work for your website in 2018, and see how you improve your web presence phenomenally!