20 millions and still counting...

20 millions and still counting…

WordPress is one of popular Content Management System used by many professional bloggers and webmasters. This is proven when WordPress won the Best CMS Award. Now Latest WordPress version 3.5 had reached a astounding download mark of 20 Millions hits.

Recent WordPress development had been progressive. With the new version 3.6 BETA 3 Release which include about a hundred changes, including improvements to the image Post Format flow (yay, drag-and-drop image upload!), a more polished revision comparison screen, and a more quote-like quote format for Twenty Thirteen.

As a bonus, 3.6 BETA 3 also have oEmbed support for the popular music-streaming services Rdio and Spotify (the latter of which kindly created an oEmbed endpoint a mere 24 hours after we lamented their lack of one). Mark Jaquith – core developer from WordPress.com now working and testing on WordPress 3.6 Final Stable Release.

According to WP Stats, out of 20 millions downloads, here are the stats for specify language.

  • English (en_US) – 11.6 million downloads (58%)
  • Chinese (zh_CN) – 2 million downloads (10%)
  • Russian (ru_RU) – 1.1 million downloads (5.5%)
  • French (fr_FR) – 715 thousand downloads (3.6%)
  • Spanish (es_ES) – 700 thousand downloads (3.5%)

Hopefully with the media upgrade in WordPress 3.6. The new version will reach far more than its predecessor.