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Developer License

Our FREE version of WordPress themes contain sponsored links. If you are interested in using a DEVELOPER version of any of our WordPress themes for only US$37 per theme license, please fill in the information below and proceed to Paypal payment page. We’ll send in the theme files immediately after payment confirmation.

The DEVELOPER version will enable user to use the theme without footer links on multiple sites.
Please note: before purchasing a single theme through this developer page, you can check if the theme you want to buy can be purchase inside theme single post. Go to
By purchasing in theme single page, you will automatically register to our site and you can received free and instant updates and downloads from your profile page
You can also keep track which and how many themes you purchased over time
If You’ve Purchase Theme in This Page: After purchase and payment completed, please wait 12-24 hour before we send you the email containing your purchased theme.
Thank you and if you have any question, feel free to email us

Single Theme Name

ex: newshun
Email (where to send the file)



Looking for a deal on Multiple Themes Purchase?

Are you starting your own WordPress Multisite?, you can purchase any of our themes in deal package. Here are some Multisite Theme suggestion for your new site.

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Or You can Choose any of Our Free Themes…
Choose any 5 of our 350+ free themes for US$150 ($30/theme *regular price is $37/theme)
Choose any 10 of our 350+ free themes for US$250 ($25/theme *regular price is $37/theme)

Please email us at to order and let us know the theme names.

Frequent Ask Question?

1. Once i purchase the theme, what happen next?
– If you purchase via our theme store, you will be direct to your profile page once payment completed and all download links and invoices can be seen in there. You also can access our premium support forum.
– If you purchase via email through the form above, we will manual create your account and send the download link and account info to your email. Then you can login into your site’s profile page anytime you want.

2. Can i purchase more than 1 of your themes?
– Yes, if you’re going to purchasing more than 5 of our themes, you can contact us for a big discounts. We will manual create account for you with all your purchased themes listed in profile page. or use the theme store, if all your wanted themes is available through theme store cart.

3. Can i ask for customization and what will it cost me?
– Yes, however if its a simple customization, you can always ask in our premium support forums, no charge ๐Ÿ™‚

4. What can i have expect from purchasing a developer version of your themes?
– clean version of the theme without
– author credits
– theme options panel without magpress feed or social links.
– years of support and update for the theme
– access to support forums to ask any question for your purchased theme or not purchased (free) themes.

5. Can i use your purchase theme in more than one domain?
– Yes, we understand some theme developer require you to purchase their multi license for multiple domain usage, however ours are not, you can use the theme purchased in as many domain as you want.

5. Are your theme SEO Friendly?
– Yes, lots of our latest themes comes with built in schema and microformat for Google snippet passed.

73 Comments Already

  1. i just purchase developer license for modless, quazilium, mediamog, xure and provilla for my new multisite. all working fine and fast response from Ronald. kudos

    thank you sir

  2. Thanks for Devine developer version and especialy for a quickly reaction. Great theme!

  3. Hi.. i’m using free Bluetune theme.. it’s awesome theme..
    for my site i need to display 12 to 16 home page images but the theme display’s 10 images only and i think it’s a by default hard coded at home page so can any one help me to get my resultant output on my site…

    thanking you…

  4. I bought the Weden Theme. Beautiful design, very quick response, easy to manage. Great work. Thanx, guys.

  5. Just finished putting my weblog together…
    using the “Coremag” design…

    think it looks pretty good…even if I say so myself : )

    …definitely worth paying to remove the sponsors links and being able to tweak it to personal preferences

    you make excellent designs Ronald…thanx

  6. hi , i am using Newseden theme if i want to get complately how much i have to pay to purchased this theme pls tell me, is this free theme if i able to remove fotter link or not now……pls reply soon

  7. if i pay ยง37 can i control all files without ioncube vs and delete sponsored links?

  8. just tried using ariel but no rss feeds. RSS feeds is good if you want to auto publish your posting to facebook, twitter. your thoughts please.

  9. Hello,

    1. Im playing with the Weden theam and wondering do i need to purchase a lic. to remove the social book marks like facebook and twitter?

    2. regarding lic. is it a one time fee or being a lic. i need to renew everymonth?


    • No. you can remove the social items without purchasing its developer license. It’s a one time fee to remove sponsored links on footer. Thanks.

  10. Seriously Nice theme if you are a good web designer…!!! Must have!

  11. I just bought the theme, I think it is great. However, here’s some points where you might want to improve it:

    Internationalization: you have some hardcoded english words, hardcoded date format (english format).

    Design: I think it looks just a liitle bit too sober, maybe create an other theme, just like it but with some happier colors.

    Widgets: the related posts widget shows the current post also… that should be excluded.

    Best Regards

  12. very good themes are here ….keep it up …

  13. Thank you for sending me the clean version. I have installed some of your free theme, but for bluemoz, because one of my clients liked it, so I have to own the developer version a.k.a clean version. I’m waiting for the updates. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. great theme..I’ll try the free one.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. your themes are really interesting and I decided to get one to test its efficiency.

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