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Developer License

Our FREE version of WordPress themes contain sponsored links. If you are interested in using a DEVELOPER version of any of our WordPress themes for only US$37 per theme license, please fill in the information below and proceed to Paypal payment page. We’ll send in the theme files immediately after payment confirmation.

The DEVELOPER version will enable user to use the theme without footer links on multiple sites.
Please note: before purchasing a single theme through this developer page, you can check if the theme you want to buy can be purchase inside theme single post. Go to
By purchasing in theme single page, you will automatically register to our site and you can received free and instant updates and downloads from your profile page
You can also keep track which and how many themes you purchased over time
If You’ve Purchase Theme in This Page: After purchase and payment completed, please wait 12-24 hour before we send you the email containing your purchased theme.
Thank you and if you have any question, feel free to email us

Single Theme Name

ex: newshun
Email (where to send the file)



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Or You can Choose any of Our Free Themes…
Choose any 5 of our 350+ free themes for US$150 ($30/theme *regular price is $37/theme)
Choose any 10 of our 350+ free themes for US$250 ($25/theme *regular price is $37/theme)

Please email us at to order and let us know the theme names.

Frequent Ask Question?

1. Once i purchase the theme, what happen next?
– If you purchase via our theme store, you will be direct to your profile page once payment completed and all download links and invoices can be seen in there. You also can access our premium support forum.
– If you purchase via email through the form above, we will manual create your account and send the download link and account info to your email. Then you can login into your site’s profile page anytime you want.

2. Can i purchase more than 1 of your themes?
– Yes, if you’re going to purchasing more than 5 of our themes, you can contact us for a big discounts. We will manual create account for you with all your purchased themes listed in profile page. or use the theme store, if all your wanted themes is available through theme store cart.

3. Can i ask for customization and what will it cost me?
– Yes, however if its a simple customization, you can always ask in our premium support forums, no charge 🙂

4. What can i have expect from purchasing a developer version of your themes?
– clean version of the theme without
– author credits
– theme options panel without magpress feed or social links.
– years of support and update for the theme
– access to support forums to ask any question for your purchased theme or not purchased (free) themes.

5. Can i use your purchase theme in more than one domain?
– Yes, we understand some theme developer require you to purchase their multi license for multiple domain usage, however ours are not, you can use the theme purchased in as many domain as you want.

5. Are your theme SEO Friendly?
– Yes, lots of our latest themes comes with built in schema and microformat for Google snippet passed.

73 Comments Already

  1. Hi,

    bought a theme from you and the sent developer download seems to be the same as the free version.

    We tried to post in the customer support, but the posts would just disappear.

    So the purchase was for James Snelling, user Unclejimmy.

    Could you please get a correct version over to him as I recommended your website as reputable, but we have not been able to post or get a response back from the website.

    Logging in to the exclusive side of the site does not work either and never has as far as we can tell

    • hi Charles
      i just email james his new account/email so he can download the pinsimo developer version theme again if needed.
      he can login to his account here and use the forums for support.

  2. Hi
    Can I purchase the developer licence at any time? I am very interested in one of your themes but would just like to try out the free version first. Is it easy enough to upgrade? I wouldnt want to lose anything either! Thanks is advance

  3. Looking very good and I wish to buy these theme

  4. I mam trying to buy one of your theme (Newshun) but I am having problem testing it. I have send two msgs and no answer. is this theme compatible IE. on my end this theme only works firefox/ chrome. Please help

  5. just bought 5 responsive theme from ronald and everything went smoothly. i am recommended magpress to my peers.

  6. I bought the Newshum theme, and it works great. Before buying it, I tested it and I wanted to make some changes. The support team were very helpful and they instantly helped me to do all the changes I requested. Thank you guys for the great job.

  7. Thanks, I could buy it through the developer page.


  8. I tried to buy, does not recognize my registration, I send a message and I do not answer, it’s a shame not to buy it.

  9. Love the MediaMog theme. Was very happy to pay the $37 developer fee, thank you for your excellent work!

  10. Hi Ronald- I just got the Newszeplin theme, it’s great! I ran into a strange situation though. I’m using this on two blogs and am using syndicated posts to sync certain categories. On some of the syndicated posts it’s showing a “read more” link that goes back to the parent blog – but it’s not consistent. Any ideas? Here’s a sample, you’ll see excerpt text at the top of the page. Thanks

    • Hi Ronald- After looking closer it seems that the syndication widget isn’t handling post excerpts properly. I’m going to go in and fix the few posts that were messed up and use a different syndication tool. Thanks

  11. magpress had answered all our support and request after we purchase the developer license for profelio. thanks again

  12. Hi Robert! Thank you very much for “Choice” theme. Very nice work!! I love it.. Serge. Moscow.

  13. Hi,

    I purchased a developer’s license for one of the free themes today and am wondering how long before I receive the files via email? I note they are not account for download. Wondering if anything went wrong (or if I’m just being impatient [blush]).

    • It has been six hours since my payment for the license was processed and I still haven’t received the files … was there a typo in my email address entered maybe? Would really like to have the files to move forward with the project. Thanks. 🙂

      • hi mary ann, i only count 1 themes in your profile, its the boxzee theme. is this the theme? you can download the theme in your private profile page anytime. no other theme purchase were process tho. could you let me know which theme you refer to?

      • will getback on the support email you sent asap…cheers

        • I purchased the developers license on this page. Maybe it isn’t part of the system but I did get an email from PayPal stating that my payment went through. The theme was new shun. Will forward my Paypal receipt via emailing the morning when I’m on my desktop. Thanks for your support on the other theme. There should definitely be two themes in my account now. Thanks.

          • Just forwarded my Paypal receipt. It has the transaction I’d I it so you can verify on your end that I did purchase the dev license for this second theme today. Thanks.

            • i see, you purchase the theme via this developer page, ok will sort it out asap.
              sry for the confusion, we’re adding the theme developer one-click purchase for all themes but it takes some times for 300+ themes.

              will add the newshun theme to your profile inventory too later on…cheers

  14. Hi, I have spent some time putting together a website for our school and would love to use the Whimag theme. I was ready to purchase the licence for the Whimag theme but then found that IE 7&8 crash when trying to load the homepage.
    Any Ideas as to why this happens and is there a fix for this.

    The site has been aproved by our Head teacher and was going live after the christmas break.

    The Whimag theme would be fantastic if we can fix this… Help

    • whimag tested in ie7/8 with compatible on and off, everything seem ok.
      check if any plugin causing the glitch/crash. if you can check your browser js console would be great also.


      • Thanks for testing the whimag theme in IE 7&8, I will look at my installed plugins. From what I’ve read it seems that IE 7/8 have a problem with CSS that uses Media=”screen”
        My intention is to change these to Media=”print” which should work.
        I will let you know how I get on

        I’m pleased that Whimag themes doesn’t cause the browser crash as it is a fantastic WP Theme.

        • The problem was traced to a gallery plugin, now using a different gallery and everything is working fine.

  15. Hi,
    Ok I am such a newbie to all this it is apparent by my website. I am using Redoger theme, and absolutely love it! I have a few questions if I may…Is there a way of removing the black shade in the header? also, is there a way for all of the columns not to show in each page? or to control what goes into the columns on each page? or are those fixed no matter what page you go to?

    Thanks again and great theme!

      • hi robert, to remove the black shade in header, open lib/styles/base.css line 545+ and remove this line of code

        	/* Fallback for web browsers that doesn't support RGBa */
        	background: rgb(0, 0, 0);
        	/* RGBa with 0.6 opacity */
        	background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8);
        	/* For IE 5.5 - 7*/
        	filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr=#99000000, endColorstr=#99000000);
        	/* For IE 8*/
        	-ms-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr=#99000000, endColorstr=#99000000)";

        i’m affraid the column are fixed in this case.

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