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    Free License:Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
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Price - $37.00
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Magazine WordPress Theme - Century

Century is a 3 columns fixed width News Magazine WordPress theme. This theme comes with featured post feature where you can have featured one of your post to display on front page. Besides that, this theme also comes with headline news glider where you can choose up to 5 categories to display their latest post on the glider. Century also comes ready with adsense, twitter, sidebar tabber, widget ready sidebars and many more.

Theme Features:

  • 3 Columns Fixed Width
  • Featured Post Display
  • Featured Headline News
  • Auto Thumb And Auto Excerpt Posts
  • Adsense Ready
  • Banner Advertisement Ready (Copy & Paste Code)
  • Popular Social Bookmark Ready In Post
  • Threaded Comments
  • Tested On Firefox And IE7
  • Compatible With WordPress Version 2.7+ and 2.8+
  • Valid XHTML And CSS

Century’s Theme Updates and Fixes

  • Jan 09, 2010 – Fixed Adsense setting and placement – Theme options function updated – *Please read the changelog.txt regarding  which files to replace.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Free Magazine WordPress Theme - Centuryhttp://www.magpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/magazine-wordpress-theme-century.pnghttp://www.magpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/magazine-wordpress-theme-century-150x150.pngRonald Free WordPress ThemesAdsense Ready,Black,Featured Content,Fixed Width,Free WordPress Themes,Gray,Horizontal Navigation,Right Sidebar,Theme Options,Threaded Comments,Three Columns,Three Level Dropmenu,Twitter Ready,White,Widget Ready,Wordpress Templates,WP ThemesCentury is a 3 columns fixed width News Magazine WordPress theme with featured post feature, headline news glider, sidebar tabber, widget ready sidebar and adsense ready. MagPressZiphttp://www.magpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/magazine-wordpress-theme-century-150x150.pngDownload HerePreview This Theme1.217 September 200911,799WordPress
Version 1.2

- Updated v1.2

Version 1.0

- initial release

WINDOWSPrice: $37.004.0 (11799 ratings )
Download (11799) Demo/Preview 127 Comments

   Theme Licensing Options

    Free License:Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
    Developer License:GNU General Public License
Price - $37.00
Unlimited domains and multisite domains uses for personal or clients and commercial projects
Paypal payment accepted  Mastercard payment accepted  Visa payment accepted  Discover payment accepted

Version and Changelog

Version 1.2

- Updated v1.2

Version 1.0

- initial release

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127 Comments Already

  1. Hi Ronald,

    The theme is working great and all of my viewers love it. Just one quick question…

    Is there any way I could add a google adsense banner displaying horizontally in between the recent blog posts (posts under the glider) on the home page?

    If so, which folder would I need to add the code and where would I need to add it within the file?

    Thanks for the help!

    • Hai Kayla. I’m glad you like using Century theme. As stated on the theme update above, those features (adsense loop between post and adsense on single post) are added on newly updated theme.

      Please redownload the theme and read the changelog.txt carefully on which files to replace. You can also check out the demo page regarding the placement of adsense. See if that what you’re looking for. Please let me know if you need more help. Thanks.

      • If i download the updated version, will it mess up the layout of my blog at all?

        • Well, it depends on if you had previously custom modified those files. Just to be on the safe side, please make sure you backup those files mentioned on changelog.txt before replacing them.

  2. Ronald, you do not fix the code- see here

    Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in /home/sibiry/public_html/restiket.ru/wp-content/themes/century/functions.php on line 487

    Error in line 487
    $comments_by_type = &separate_comments(get_comments(‘post_id=’ . $id));

    For version php >5 error causes the record
    function (function)

    • Hai, Alisa. I’ve fixed the comment_count error, please redownload the Century Theme and only replace or upload the functions.php, legacy-comments.php and comment.css(inside css folder).

      Please try it out and let me know the result. Thanks.

      • Thanks)
        see _www.restiket.ru (this is a test site for you)

        Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in /home/sibiry/public_html/restiket.ru/wp-content/themes/century/functions.php on line 501

        Here’s my version of the error is corrected

        function comment_count( $count ) {
        global $id;
        $tmp_var =get_comments(‘post_id=’ . $id);
        $comments_by_type = &separate_comments($tmp_var);
        return count($comments_by_type[‘comment’]);

        Your wonderful template works correctly..=)

  3. Hi,
    I have question about the option “loop in post” and the 336 x 280 field for the code. Is it normal for those ads to show up under the article. And by under i mean it, not just under the text but under everything…
    If so I`ll have to do it like G ads – with emble it plug in and custom field…
    Is there some way to change the code so that some of the ads show up at the home page between the post like it is PinkVice, ZendPress, RedTone ( I`m talking about 468×60 )

    • Hai Boris, I’ve updated the theme to include adsense loop between post, adsense above and below single post content. They can be enable or disable inside the theme option. Please download the Century Theme and only replace index.php, single.php, functions.php and style.css. Please make sure you backup any of your custom modified on these files before replacing them.

      Please try it out and let me know if you need more help. Thanks.

  4. I figured it out… Thanks again for all your help!! Really appreciate it!

    • Hi ))
      For version php >5
      error in line 487
      $comments_by_type = &separate_comments(get_comments(‘post_id=’ . $id));

      Fix bag:

      function comment_count( $count ) {
      global $id;
      $tmp_var =get_comments(‘post_id=’ . $id);
      $comments_by_type = &separate_comments($tmp_var);
      return count($comments_by_type[‘comment’]);

  5. Hi Ronald!

    So far everything is going great on the blog! I love it the design! I just have a question about the featured post. I entered the post ID under the theme options, and I also added the custom field category (feat-img) so that the image would fit the box. However, whenever I load my webpage, it says No content exists at page 1! Loading 1st page instead.
    Do you no how I can fix this?

    Thanks a bunch!

    • This usually happen when the glider script can’t query the category name. Please make sure that your category name is the same as your category slug.

      i.e if you have category name ‘Featured Content’, it should have a category slug ‘featured-content’ and not ‘featuredcontent’.

      Please check out the category name and its slug of the categories you put on the glider.

      • I corrected all of my category slugs to match and it’s still doing the same thing. Also, the whole glider slideshow is not even coming up. Any other suggestions?

        • Hi Ronald… It’s me again!

          Sorry for all the questions! Just excited about getting my blog up. I was just wondering if I could change the colors of the blocks for the Page Navigation Bar. On the original, they are red. If so, can you tell me what code to look for in the style.css folder? Thanks a bunch!

          • Hai. You can edit the menu color by going to the theme css folder, open the dropmenu.css and look for these code below:

            #dropmenu li a
            #dropmenu li a:hover

            You can change the background color to suit your need.

            • For some reason the only .css file that loaded was the style.css. When I open the css folder and click on dropmenu.css it pulls up my safari window with no webpage loaded. It’s doing that with all of the files in the css folder. I also tried re-downloading the theme again, and it did the same thing.

            • Please open and edit the css file with a text editor tool. Since you’re using Safari as your default css viewer, then you have to manually open it with a text editor. i.e notepad. Save it as *.css extension after you’re done.

  6. Hey Ron can you recommend a headline kind of like you had for this template. I’m can’t use the headliner because I’m using a page for my front instead the blog.



    • Hai Jeff, if you’re using page as frontpage and you want to use the featured post and headline glider on certain page, please read below text file:

      Enable Featured And Glider On Century Theme’s Page

      Please try it out and let me know the result. Thanks.

      • Ron

        I kind of figured it out but your way was much better. The only thing is I have 4 categories and the automated process stops at 2. So I’m only automated to 2 posts when I should have 4 rotating.

        The previous/next links and everything else is great. Oh one other thing is there a way add image for each category so I have 4 different images for 4 different posts?

        Thanks again,


        • Sure, you can do that by using the custom field name “glide-img”. On the edit post panel, scroll down to custom fields, press enter new, insert custom values “glide-img” in the Name box and insert the URL of your image on the Value box, finally press add custom field to update it. Please try it out. Thanks.

          • Ron,

            I wasn’t able to get the “glide-img” and then the url of the photo to work. I also can’t get the headline to rotate past 2 post categories, I have it for 4 categories but it’s not working. Any thoughts?


      • Hai Jeff, please open the glider.php and make sure these line of code exist:


        If you’re seeing “feat-img” instead of “glide-img”, then you’re using an older version of the theme. Please redownload it here:

        and replace the glider.php only.

        Regarding your glider rotation, I’m not really sure what causing it to stop after 2 rotation, can you try adjusting the speed and autorotateconfig inside the glider.php, trial and error it..

        Please try it out and let me know the result.

        • Ron,

          Everything is working fine. I still haven’t figure out why the headliner still only rotates 2 posts rather than 4. If you have any thoughts let me know. I’ll check every once in a while.


        • I’m not really sure what causing it. Did you try using other category beside the two that are not showing. Also, please make sure that the category you’re showing doesn’t has the same latest post on it.

  7. Hey Ron do you know of a way or a plugin that would allow me to scroll my latest blog posting across the front of my site. Kinda like you have on your front page with or without photo.

    I can’t seem to use the headliner because I’m using a page for my frontpage not a blog page.



  8. Hi Ronald!

    I have one more question regarding the ad space. On the 125×125 sponsored ads, I tried pasting my google adsense code into the boxes provided under Theme Options but the ads did not show up. Will I have to go into the file and paste the code into it?

    Also, on the 160×600 ad, I paste the google adsense code into the box provided in Theme Options and the ad was displayed, but half of it was cut off. I tried resizing the image through the Google adsense code, but it didn’t work. Any suggestions? Once again, thanks so much for your help. The theme rocks!

    • Hai, Kayla. Actually the 125 ads are not intend to use for adsense code, just for CPA network banner code which contain images. But since you’re using it, it’s best to just paste the code inside the theme options, maybe it just take time for the adsense to show up.

      Regarding the 160×600 ads, do you mean only half of the adsense show up? Sometime it’s normal that adsense only show on part of 600px height ads because of lack of content advertiser for certain pages..

      Try using the adsense loop between post feature to check whether the adsense working for your site..

  9. Hi,

    The theme is awesome, but I have one question about the Featured Video section. When I use the URL code, no video shows up. However, when I use the embed code, 2 videos show up. Also, whenever I use the URL code, I get an error saying that I do not have the required MIME app. Is there any way you can help me with this?


    • OK. Please make sure you follow this example on how to display the video.

      i.e I want to display this Miley’s video:

      I’ll only take “M11SvDtPBhA” and put it inside the video box setting and save it.

      If you still having error regarding MIME app. It’s hosting related problem. You should contact your hosting provider and ask about it or request them to install it on your server.

      • Perfect! I was typing in the whole URL. It works great now. A few more questions while you’re here…
        1.) I know you recommend the image size for the feat-img to be 273×119. What size do you recommend for the glider-img?

        2.) Also, on the ‘Featured News’ section at the top, is there a custom field feature to use for resizing that image as well? If so, what size image do you recommend?

        Thanks again for being so helpful!! I will definitely keep using you in the future for my other blogs!

        • Actually the 273×119 is the standard post thumbnail, it’s better to leave it at default because it may break the block if modified. You can also defined your own standard post thumb by using custom field “post-img” with 273×119 in size.

          For glider headline, you can use custom field “glide-img”. Best size is around 150×120.

          For featured news, you can use custom fields “feat-img” to use your own image. Best size to use is something around 555 x 200.

          Please try it out and let me know if you need more help. Thanks.

          • Whenever I use custom field feat-img, it only changes the image for the standard post thumbnails (posts beneath the glider), not the Featured News image at the top. I tried using post-img for the standard post thumbnail images likeyou suggested, but it didn’t work like feat-img did. So I guess my question here is… what custom field do I use to change the Featured News image at the top since feat-img isn’t working for it?

            Also, glide-img didn’t work for changing the thumbnail images for the glider. When I tried it, it just used the image from the custom field feat-img section.

            Does this make any sense at all?

            • Hai Kayla, please make sure you redownload the latest version of this theme because you maybe using the older version where there was an issue regarding the custom fields.

              Just to make sure, you can try opening index.php, check if the file has this code on it:


              – get_post_custom_values(“glide-img”)

              – get_post_custom_values(“feat-img”)

              If not, then you’re using an outdated version and please redownload it. Thanks.

              • Where can I download the latest version because when I click onthe download button at the top of this page, it still gives me the same index.php file (which doesn’t include these codes) Thanks!

    • It should give you the latest version. Please open it and look for ‘post-img’ anywhere in the index.php code. If it’s there, then you have the latest version.

      Just in case, please use this direct download link:


      Please let me know your site url if you still having the problem so that I can take a look at it. You can use the contact form if you don’t want to disclose it in the comment post. Thanks.

      • I downloaded the new version from the link you provided and everything is working great! Thanks so much for your help and patience!

  10. Hey Ron, I can’t remember how to have the on the bottom bar at the top of the theme. Can you give me some help.

    Thanks again,


    • Let’s try that again. I want to change the navigation on the top bar. How do I do that.



      • Hai Jeff, you can change the looks of the navigation by editing the dropmenu.css inside the theme css folder. Please make sure you backup the original file before editing it. Thanks.

  11. Hi, Ronald

    First, I thank you for you theme. is excellent theme and easy to use.

    My English is not perfect, But I will try to explain about my problem to you.

    I want to change Postnav picture or another bar picture but I can fine the picture in image folder for change in. please help me.

    • oop, I forgot. The last question I want to change Header picture but I think the theme header is no picture. Please help me to change in.

    • Hai Basara, I’m glad you like using this theme. Regarding your questions:

      1. Changing ‘postnav’ pictures.

      – I’m not really sure which pictures are you referring to. If you’re referring to the default thumbnail (Girls Smiling). You can use your own default image by replacing post-default.jpg inside the image folder, remember to rename your own image to ‘post-default.jpg’ too.

      – Please let me know if this is not what you’re referring to.

      2. Change Header Picture

      – Are you referring to using a logo for the header?
      – If yes, please open the header.php and delete the H1 and H2 tags inside the siteinfo div. Uncomment the HTML code for logo to activate it. Then upload your logo.png to the image folder. Please adjust the size of your logo accordingly.

      Please try it out and let me know if you need more help using this theme. Thanks.

  12. First, thx alot for your work. Awesome theme, really !

    Here’s the question; How can I set a limit of post showed on the index page ?
    You know, the boxes under the glidder.
    The best for my purpose would be 2… Is it possibe ?
    Look here :

    Beacause I got rid of some stuff in the right sidebar.
    Hope there is a way to show only a few post, and not all of them 😉
    thx in advace,

    • Sure. You can do that by inserting a query_posts before the loop.

      Please open the index.php and insert the php code below before the “php if have post” loop:

      if (is_home()) {
      query_posts($query_string . “&showposts=2”);

      replace [ ] = <>

      Please try it out. Thanks.

  13. Thanks for the theme. I really love it. However, I keep getting an error message on my front page when I turn the glider on. It say there is no content on page one. loading 1st page.

    Also I am still can’t see the feature images though I used the feat-img.


    • Hai DQ, that happens when there’s a problem with the glider fetching the category to display. For example, a category name “wordpress theme” should automatically be assigned a category slug as “wordpress-theme”, but when you manually insert the slug as “wordpresstheme”, it will detected as one one word instead of two words.

      Regarding the featured image, for featured post, please make sure you enter feat-img on the name box and the full url of your image on the value box, then press add custom fields to update it. If you’re setting the image for the glider, please use custom name glide-img and use post-img for the standard post.

      Please let me know if you have trouble using this theme again. Thanks.

      • Thank you, Ronald.

        I understand the procedure now. I think I didn’t understand the “custom field” thing.

        Now I understand.

        But it’s easier for me to just upload a quick thumb if necessary – this way I can avoid the extra script.

        Great theme, excellent help from you!

  14. Just wondering what the trick is for getting the photos to show up correctly in the thumb glider version, then the larger version. And I couldn’t get it to show up at all as a featured post. No matter what I do, one or other photo will be “stretched”.

    • Hai. You can defined your own images for featured post and glider separately by using the custom fields feature:

      featured post = feat-img
      glider = glide-img

      Please try it out. Thanks.

      • Ronald,

        I must not understand what you mean – I can’t get the images to work!

        Is this to mean that I have to upload (2) separate sizes for every post? 1 thumb size for the slider, and 1 featured image size for the post and the home page?

        The featured image is fine at 273 x 119. But the glider will be distorted (stretched from top to bottom).

        Is there a way to upload just one image within the post for the slider and post, and have it appear not stretched or not blurred?

        I was trying to understand the “timthumb” issue – I use Hostgator.

        Any suggestions on a simple way to get images working with this theme?

        Thank you.

        • It would be nice if you can include your site url so that I can take a look at the problem. Please make sure that when you open the glider.php, you see the get_post_custom_values(“glide-img”) on the php code. If not, you’re still using an older version of this theme because I’ve made a fix recently.

          Actually, if you have image attached on post, it will pull the image automatically to use as thumb. The custom fields feature only necessary when you want to use your own manually crop thumb (nicer one without stretch). Is the Timthumb working on your site? If not, you have to contact hostgator support requesting them to whitelist your domain on ModSec. I did that on my site.

          Please check whether you’re using the newest version of glider.php (download the theme again and only replace the glider.php) and if possible let me know your site url.

  15. This seems to be an excellent theme – and thank you. But I am having trouble replacing the logo.

    In the editor I’ve removed h1,h2, and “<!– Uncomment To Use Your Own Logo". In images folder I deleted the logo file and uploaded my own.
    But still the original exists. When I upload my own logo.png, it does not replace the original.

    Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

    • Hai, Alex. Please follow the steps below:
      1. Open header.php and look for siteinfo div id. If you want to use logo, please delete the H1 and H2 tag.
      2. Below it, you’ll see an inactive code:

      [!– Uncomment To Use Your Own Logo <– DELETE THIS

      * [ ] = <>

      3. Upload your own logo.png inside the century theme images folder.
      4. Alternatively, you can make your own Logo HTML code:
      [a href=”your_url” title=”your_home_title”][img src=”your_full_image_location” alt=”put_some_title” /][/a]
      * [ ] = <> replace the appropriate tag

      Please try it again and let me know the result. Thanks.

      • Yes, it works but for some reason my browser didn’t show it until I shut it down and restarted. Perfect – thank you!

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