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    Free License:Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
    Developer License:GNU General Public License
Price - $37.00
Unlimited domains and multisite domains uses for personal or clients and commercial projects
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FourKnot is a 4 Columns Responsive HTML5 WordPress Theme. This WP Theme include 600+ Google Webfonts, unlimited custom color choice, advertisement options, featured sliders, featured sidebar category, social links and submit button and many more built-in features. If you’re looking for a content wise theme for WordPress then this WP Theme will suit you. With Four Columns width layout, you can input as many content and posts into your website.

Other than that, this WP Theme also fully Responsive and mobile friendly. you could test them out in your mobile device such as ipad or iphone.

Full Features

– Logo and Favourite icon uploads in theme options
– 600+ Google Web Fonts to choose from
– Built in social sharing buttons
Unlimited Color Choices for header, sidebar, footer and links
– Featured Slider *can be turn off or on
– Sidebar Featured Category
– 6 Banner advertisement placement in sidebar
– Google Adsense or any embed advertisement code in top header, sidebar, single post top and bottom
– WordPress Built-in Custom Header and Menu Supported
– Localization Ready ( mo and po file inside language folder )

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Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Fourknot - 4 Columns Responsive HTML5 WordPress Themehttp://www.magpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/fourknot-wp-theme.jpghttp://www.magpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/fourknot-wp-theme-170x150.jpgRonald Free WordPress ThemesBlack,CSS3,Custom Colors,Custom Header,Custom Menu,Editor Style,Featured Images,Flexible Width,Four Columns,Full Width Template,HTML5,Left Sidebar,Multisite,Responsive,Right Sidebar,Theme Options,Threaded Comments,Translation Ready,WhiteFourKnot is a 4 Columns Responsive HTML5 WordPress Theme. This WP Theme include 600+ Google Webfonts, unlimited custom color choice and advertisement options. MagPressZiphttp://www.magpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/fourknot-wp-theme-170x150.jpgDownload HerePreview This Theme1.009 July 201330,313WordPress
Version 1.0

- initial release

WINDOWSPrice: $37.004.0 (30313 ratings )
Download (30313) Demo/Preview 47 Comments

   Theme Licensing Options

    Free License:Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
    Developer License:GNU General Public License
Price - $37.00
Unlimited domains and multisite domains uses for personal or clients and commercial projects
Paypal payment accepted  Mastercard payment accepted  Visa payment accepted  Discover payment accepted

Version and Changelog

Version 1.0

- initial release

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47 Comments Already

  1. Hi Ron, you are great. I used and loved Bluecore but now, trying to resolve a security issue, at Godaddy’s suggestion changed to this. I thought I was going to be unhappy but actually I am very happy. I do a newsletter weekly and I need to put it on an archive menu on the site but not have it show up with the articles. The newsletter is quickly outdated. The articles are not. Can you please tell me how to do that?

    • hi arlean, not sure how? but do you mean you do not want article content or post content to show?
      you could delete the the_content() in archive.php or index.php but that would leave title and post meta only…

  2. Hey,something else…

    Is there a way to add ‘more tag’ or a read more button etc on each post (index page)? If i add the default more tag of wordpress,nothing happens. So i guess thats because of the theme options-functions?

    Let me know,thx.

    • the theme index.php use the_excerpt() or a like. if you want to use wp more tag
      edit the excerpt() to

      <?php the_content('..more'); ?>
      • Hi I am more a newbie to wordpress.
        I also wanted to have a more link after the posts. But with the description above I can not come further.

        I dont find the “the_excerpt() or a like” in the index.php

        Also how can I say that blog posts as displayed can have more signs/ that they are longer?

        Your Theme is awsome btw. I invested 5 days of my life to find this most amazing theme. Thematic would have been also good. But you are much better much more Thanks

        • open index.php edit line 41
          the_content( __(‘…more »’,TEMPLATE_DOMAIN) );

          now the content will excerpting according to your ‘more’ tag

          • ok thanks. But what is to fill instead of TEMPLATE_DOMAiN

            can you give me an example?

            • that the string for translation, you can input the theme name slug there.

              the_content( __('...more &raquo;','fourknot') );
  3. Hey,no matter if im editing the footer (code below),nothing changes in the dimensions.

    .footer-bottom {
    background-color: #262626;
    float: left;
    padding: 0 2%;
    width: 98%; –> need to change it to 96%

    I have two small problems… 1) I have a small extra space at the right of the page (footer is bigger) and thats why i want to reduce its size. 2) At the end of the page i have a small extra space too,footer doesnt appear at the end of the page but a little bit higher.

    Any suggestions?

    • try using this css style
      body#custom footer.footer-bototm {float: left; width: 96% !important;padding: 0% 2% !important;}

      • No change. Even if i delete the original code (.footer-bottom) the footer is intact. Also when viewing my website with firebug,i can see that the code i deleted is still appearing…which is strange.

        Is there another file i need to edit except the style.css for footer?

  4. hi i dont think it work out of the box with buddypress. but since bp 1.8 all theme should be supported natively, check buddypress codex for compatible issue.

    the theme itself haven’t tested in buddypress like most of our theme. you could always hire me for customization if needed. use the site contact form.

  5. Hello.
    I bought delighted with its 4 columns for a BuddyPress social network, but it turns out even that is not compatible with versions compatible BP that make all subjects.

    Do you plan to upgrade?
    Or have a patch?

    Thank you very much!

  6. Thx for the reply. I fixed it by editing the lib->templates.

    Something else,its easy to resize the pics of the main page,but in case they are smaller they arent stretched and even if they are big enough,the apperance isnt the best (just zooming in a specific spot and cant show the whole image).

    Im not sure if you can understand what im trying to say,but can i add any code to fix this?

    • the main or featured image were automatically grab from first image in post or ‘featured image’ attach to post.
      i would suggest upload a bigger photo (at least 600px wide) for each post next time.
      the small image is normal if the ‘full’ image is already a small one.

  7. Hello,is there any way to remove tags,comments and posted by from each post?

    I was able to make many modifications,but i cant find a way for the above. I removed all the code related with author (posted by) and post tags…but nothing changed.

  8. hi,
    can any one tell me how to use the Featured Slider, i serach alot but could not get it, so kindly tel me with demo.

    • did you check wp-admin->appeareance->theme option->featured setting?

      • hi Ronald,
        thanks for your reply and issue has solve, i am using this theme it is very super theme very responsive.
        once again thanks

  9. Hi,

    is there an option to turn the widgets “stay update”, Search” and “Posts” on the right sidebar off, e.g. remove them completely? They stay, although i removed them in my widgets settings.

    Thanks for a great theme!

    • you will need to edit the sidebar.php line 12 remove this

      <aside class="widget">
      <h3 class="widget-title"><?php _e('Stay Update', TEMPLATE_DOMAIN); ?></h3>
      <div class="extra-block social-and-search">
      <?php get_template_part( 'lib/templates/social-box' ); ?>

      and edit line 26 – 54

      <div id="tabber-widget">
      <div class="tabber">
      <?php if ( is_active_sidebar( 'tabbed-sidebar' ) ) : ?>
      <?php dynamic_sidebar( 'tabbed-sidebar' ); ?>
      <?php else: ?>
      <div class="tabbertab">
      <aside class="widget widget_recent_entries">
      <h3 class="widget-title"><?php _e('Posts', TEMPLATE_DOMAIN); ?></h3>
      <ul><?php wp_get_archives('type=postbypost&limit=5'); ?></ul>
      <div class="tabbertab">
      <aside class="widget">
      <h3 class="widget-title"><?php _e('Comments', TEMPLATE_DOMAIN); ?></h3>
      <?php get_avatar_recent_comment(5); ?>
      <div class="tabbertab">
      <aside class="widget">
      <h3 class="widget-title"><?php _e('Popular',TEMPLATE_DOMAIN); ?></h3>
      <?php get_hot_topics(5); ?>
      <?php endif; ?>


      <?php if ( is_active_sidebar( 'tabbed-sidebar' ) ) : ?>
      <div id="tabber-widget">
      <div class="tabber">
      <?php dynamic_sidebar( 'tabbed-sidebar' ); ?>
      <?php endif; ?>
  10. Hello there, i have an issue with the preview images at the top before the post, if i click it the image open above the header! Is there a way i can deactivate the open on click on the small frontpage images since they really mess up the blogs look?

    Btw its an awesome theme i might even buy it if at some point the issues i am having will go away.

  11. You provided very marvaless template.. i have no words to thank you. thanks buddy..

  12. This is a really great theme, thank you for sharing! 🙂

    I am using it right now on my site 🙂

    I need just a little modification: please tell me how can I change the background color? I need a dark background, for example dark red; where can I modify something on the theme files, to can obtain a dark color background?

    Thank you for your help!


    • in style.css line 52

      body {
      	font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
      	margin: 0px;
      	padding: 0px;
      	font-size: 100%;
      	color: #565656;
      	-webkit-font-smoothing: subpixel-antialiased;
      	background-color: #fff; /* change this one */
  13. yeah so… I’ve been trying to download fourknot theme, and when I try to install or unzip I get an error message. (Archive Utility returns and Error 1 – Operation Not Permitted)


  14. thanks…looking for great, fast loading and responsive 4 columns wp theme for so long now.

  15. Another Great Addition By You, Using it Right Now on My site.

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