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    Free License:Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
    Developer License:GNU General Public License
Price - $37.00
Unlimited domains and multisite domains uses for personal or clients and commercial projects
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Attention to all Vertico theme users, if you’re upgrading to WordPress 2.8, please redownload the theme and replace the ‘vertico.php’ file with the new one. I had made a minor fix on the theme option to fetch the categories properly when using 2.8RC1

Vertico WordPress Theme

Vertico is a 2 columns fixed width magazine style WordPress theme. This theme comes with highly customized features such as the vertical listing of recent posts, categorized tabbers and many more to make your WordPress blog stand out from others.

Below are some of features you’ll get on this theme:

  • SmoothGallery (Rotating Featured Content)
  • Customized Latest Post Entries With 50 x 50 Thumbnails
  • Category Tabbers Showing Up To 5 Categories (Auto Generated 250 x 200 Thumbnails And Auto Excerpt Function)
  • Widgetized Right Sidebar
  • Twitter Ready
  • Adsense Ready
  • RSS Feed Subscribers Count Ready
  • Featured Embed Video Ready
  • Valid XHTML & CSS

Theme Usage:

All Setting Are Controllable Inside The Vertico’s Theme Option.

Important Note Regarding The Usage Of Timthumb:

If you never use Timthumb before, please download it HERE and create a folder called ‘scripts’ inside your WordPress installation root folder, then upload the timthumb.php inside the ‘scripts’ folder.

Note: Some hosting may require you to contact them to enable or whitelist your domain on ModSec for Timthumb to work, i.e Hostgator

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , Free WordPress Theme - Verticohttp://www.magpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/vertico_wordpress_theme.pngRonald Free WordPress ThemesBlack,Featured Content,Fixed Width,Free WordPress Themes,Right Sidebar,Rounded Corner,Twitter Ready,Two Columns,White,Widget Ready,Wordpress Templates,WP ThemesVertico is a 2 columns fixed width magazine WordPress theme with customized features such as the recent posts listing and categorized tabbers to make your blog stand out from others. MagPressZipDownload HerePreview This Theme1.002 June 20096,992WordPress
Version 1.0

- initial release

WINDOWSPrice: $37.004.0 (6992 ratings )
Download (6992) Demo/Preview 42 Comments

   Theme Licensing Options

    Free License:Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
    Developer License:GNU General Public License
Price - $37.00
Unlimited domains and multisite domains uses for personal or clients and commercial projects
Paypal payment accepted  Mastercard payment accepted  Visa payment accepted  Discover payment accepted

Version and Changelog

Version 1.0

- initial release

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42 Comments Already

  1. sorry i forgot to include one. There is no home,about links in the header. if u modify these two things this will be great theme for ever. thanks .

  2. Iam glad to using ur theme Vertico.Its amazing. But can u do a favour for me may be its useful for others also. i need a pagination for the latest posts as well as for each and every category(5).i tried wp-page navigation. no use of it for this theme. Thanks in advance.

  3. I am using wordpress 2.9.2 and activated vertico theme.
    my page showing error on header
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in C:\wamp\www\wordpress_2_9_2\wp-content\themes\vertico\feedcount.php on line 6

    I am using WampServer in my local pc

    • Yes. It can’t be tested on local server. Maybe it doesn’t work on windows.

      • Now I have installed it in web server but still its showing error in header :
        Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: simplexmlelement in /home/abcwe0/public_html/screensaverworld_test/wp-content/themes/vertico/feedcount.php on line 15

        • Hai. Your web server might not support CURL. If yes, you can disable it by deleting the include line of feedcount.php on header.php file.

  4. Great theme.
    I have a simple question about the template.
    I tried installing this template, but why the template is a mess?
    You can see a screenshot of it in this url http://i955.photobucket.com/albums/ae40/zbunny_photos/vertico.jpg

    please help me to fix it because I wanted to use this template on my website.

    • Hai. I’m not sure why the codes are messed up. Did you download the theme directly from MagPress.com?

  5. Great theme.

    I am currently customizing it and it’s a really good theme.

    I got a simple question about the latest post entries, is it possible to have page numbers applied to it? because i got rid of the tabbed news at the bottom and would like to use the latest post entries as the only news on the homepage.


    • Hai. Do you mean page navigation? If yes, you can use plugin to get the page number. Please google for wp-pagenavi. Thanks.

      • Hi and thanks for the reply.
        I already use page navigation plugin WP-PAGENAVI yes,
        but it is not applied to the “Latest post entries” section, you can see this section on top of the homepage (small thumbnails and text).

        • Hai, I’ve sent you an email regarding this matter. Please check and let me know the result. Thanks.

          • Thanks alot! I’ve tested the files and it works perfectly!
            Now I’m going to check your files and see what’s changed in them, and modify my previous CSS.
            that’s really good. Your latest post system is so good I’m going to use it also as archive, category etc.

  6. Thanks for updating i m using for my mobile blog. Which look great.

  7. hi ronald,

    this theme is awesome. thanks so much.

    i would like to know a few things from you.

    1. how do i get youtube video’s working on the main page cos when i enter it like this ‘http://www.youtube.com/v/qBuZUXZXBlY’ it won’t work.

    2. how do i get the pictures from not expanding in the start page under the category’s tabber?

    please help me out.

    thanks again.


    • Hai, Mike. The Youtube embed video code works on my side, can you try embedding another video? Unfortunately, the thumbs on category’s tabber are fixed at 250×200, but you can manually adjust the size by editing it inside the index.php, look for the tabimg div class, you can see the img scr html code there with the adjusted width and height. Please make sure if you edit it, do it on all 5 tabbertab class.

      Please try it out and let me know if you need more help. Thanks for using my theme.

  8. hi.
    the design looks fantastic. but after install i get a massiv error:

    atal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘String could not be parsed as XML’ in /home/a2936293/public_html/wp-content/themes/vertico/feedcount.php:15 Stack trace: #0 /home/a2936293/public_html/wp-content/themes/vertico/feedcount.php(15): SimpleXMLElement->__construct(”) #1 /home/a2936293/public_html/wp-content/themes/vertico/header.php(62): include(‘/home/a2936293/…’) #2 /home/a2936293/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php(843): require_once(‘/home/a2936293/…’) #3 /home/a2936293/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php(821): load_template(‘/home/a2936293/…’) #4 /home/a2936293/public_html/wp-includes/general-template.php(34): locate_template() #5 /home/a2936293/public_html/wp-content/themes/vertico/index.php(1): get_header() #6 /home/a2936293/public_html/wp-includes/template-loader.php(27): include(‘/home/a2936293/…’) #7 /home/a2936293/public_html/wp-blog-header.php(16): require_once(‘/home/a2936293/…’) #8 /home/a2936293/public_html/index.php(17): require(‘/home/a2936293/…’) #9 {main} thrown in /home/a2936293/public_html/wp-content/themes/vertico/feedcount.php on line 15

    i´m a beginner with wp so i don´t know what to do.

    • Looks like your server doesn’t support Curl or SimpleXML. Please open the header.php and delete the php code containing < *php include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/feedcount.php'); *>

      * = ?

      Please try it out and check if the error still exist..Thanks.

  9. Is is really free, I looks like it a premium, it looks more great than premium themes. I like it.

  10. MagPress – Free WordPress Theme – Vertico great article thank you.

  11. I had the same problem as Jack – I activated the theme and filled out the options, only to find the header and nothing below show up. I couldn’t leave that up, so I changed back to my old theme. I’m using WP 2.8 and checked via Firefox and Google Chrome. Any ideas?

    • Hai, Dave. Did you download the newer version of this theme as I announced on top. Please redownload this theme and replace vertico.php file only. I’ve made some minor fix on it. Please try it out and let me know the result. Thanks.

  12. Hi Ronald. really enjoying your theme. I’m trying to configure the featured content rotator to fit my needs.I use the “excerpt” function when writing posts so that there is a short summery on the featured content rotator rahter then part of the posts content. Unfortunately If you look below this on my site at the “categories” board the excerpt is displayed when I want the actual posts content to be displayed instead. I presume this is just a matter of configuring category.php to read the write content, I just dont know what to change!
    thanks in advance


    • Hai Adam. I’m glad you like the theme. Regarding you modification request, would you mind using the contact form or email me at webmaster@magpress.com. I’ll send you a copy of the modified theme. Thanks.

  13. Hey, since I downloaded the new version I can’t write a post and my categories aren’t showing up. Anyone else having these issues?

    • Hai Chris. Thanks for using Vertico theme. I took a look at your site – lloyderslist.com. It seems like your wordpress database aren’t querying properly. I’ve tried this theme on 2.7 and 2.8.

      Did you perform a wp upgrade recently? Please check your WordPress database via phpmyadmin or any other method (using the default theme) to see if your post and categories still exist in your WordPress database. Try optimize and repair your database.

      I’ll be glad to help you anytime regarding the usage of this theme. Please do the check up above and let me know.

  14. Hi,

    I am on 2.8 RC1. The theme activates and renders but when I try to configure it none of my categories show up in the pull-down.

    • Hai, Keith. Thanks for using Vertico theme. Regarding the problem, please redownload the Vertico theme and replace ‘vertico.php’ with the old one.

      I had made a minor fix on the theme option to fetch the categories properly when using 2.8 RC1.

      Feel free to let me know if you have any trouble using this theme again..

  15. hi this is a really good thing but i can’t seem it to work. when i preview or activate it, it just renders the header, but nothing after that. i’ve tried disabling all my plugins, but it still doesn’t work. any suggestions?

    • First of all, thanks for using Vertico theme.

      As you mentioned, you just activated the theme. Have you config the theme setting via theme option?

      Please go to Appearance > Vertico Option. Choose and fill all the necessary info, then save it.

      Please let me know if you have trouble using the theme again..Thanks.

    • Hello, Jack. Please redownload the theme as I’ve made some minor fix on its theme option file to fetch the categories properly.

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