Productivity is everything to all small and medium business owners. The trick to becoming more productive is being organized. Whether you intend to manage your business social media accounts or create a flexible working environment, there is no doubt you require some tech expertise to get ahead of your business competitors. However, in a world where the latest piece of time-saving app or software is always around the corner, keeping up-to-date with such trends can be a headache.

Here are ten important resources small businesses can use to maximize their profitability.

1. Tailor Brands Logo Maker

ai logo makerThe Tailor Brands Logo Maker facilitates the creation of perfect business logos within minutes. It’s among the industry-leading online platforms that allow business owners to create custom logos. Unlike most logo generators, the platform is powered Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is specially designed to create custom logos rather than using general templates.

2. GetResponse

keep track marketing activitiesThis tool allows you to keep track and organize all your marketing activities in a centralized space. GetResponse is a multidimensional marketing automation tool that tracks webinars, email marketing, and landing pages. It also helps in automating the marketing process, and that creates time for you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

3. DropBox

virtual link between internet connected devicesYou don’t have to carry around a bag full of gadgets just because each contains important files. DropBox allows you to create a virtual link between different internet connected devices. It utilizes cloud saving capability and users can save videos, images, and documents in their DropBox accounts. These files can be organized perfectly and accessed from anywhere. Google Docs is a great alternative if you don’t have DropBox.

4. Slack

perfect ways outsourcing tasksHave you been for a perfect way of outsourcing tasks? Do you need a cost-effective way of holding business meetings remotely with your employees or clients in different time zones? Slack is more than just a messaging platform. It offers screen-sharing, calling and video, and file sharing options as well.

5. EchoSign

online storing server with e signAre you tired of filing cabinets full of many loose files that never stop mounting? Upload your files onto the EchoSign server and share them with the right recipient. It has an E-sign feature that makes the entire process of signing contracts hassle-free.

6. Due

credit card processing secure fastCard processing systems are sometimes slow and expensive. Due offers highly secure and fast credit card processing solutions. The charges are affordable, and users never face hidden or additional monthly charges.

7. Trello

online whiteboard for brainstorming tasking

Trello functions like an online whiteboard where you can keep all the ideas that your employees, customers, and other people in your business give you. It’s a perfect platform for brainstorming and prioritizing your tasks.

8. HootSuite

social media post scheduler systemStartups are often formed by an individual or a group of motivated, hardworking people, each juggling many hats. HootSuite is a social media post scheduler system for various social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The tool replaces the need for someone to post social media content.

9. Slideshare

slideshow presenting sharing platformIt’s a great platform to upload and share slideshow presentations, music files, videos, and more. It’s majorly a file-sharing platform that allows users to gain greater visibility for their wonderful creations.

10. Rapportive

email marketing plugin work with gmailWhen done correctly, email marketing is an effective marketing approach associated with a high ROI. Rapportive is an indispensable plugin that works perfectly with Gmail to allow you to keep better track of your business email interactions and campaigns with the target audience.

The tools discussed here offer an advantage to small businesses and present them a chance to run efficiently.