college students make money online tips guidesPaying for studies can prove tricky as well as having that spare cash to spend on the finer things in life when you are a student. However, it is possible for students to make money online while they study – here are ten ways in which it can be done.

1. Tutoring Online

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to put their hard work to good use and earn some cash and they can use a specific subject they may have serious knowledge about. They will be instructed to communicate with their clients via chat or video messaging to assist them with their homework or classwork. Many tutoring websites will want to put a student through a series of tests just to make sure that they are up to the required standard. A minimum amount of college education is a bonus such as an associate’s degree or a diploma. Payment is mostly by the hour but there are times when students can get a daily rate or a session rate.

2. Freelance Writing

This is probably the easiest and best way for students to earn money. Students will be expected to write articles for marketing companies, bloggers, and websites. They then get paid for the work they have done. The payment rates will be either fixed per word or project and possibly a negotiated standard hourly rate. The student can organize this work around their college work so that it fits in easily. There are many platforms such as Upwork where students can find clients or gigs.

3. Data Entry

This is possibly the easiest option and involves a lot of copying and pasting. There can be a lot of research required or perhaps the need to take a product description from a spreadsheet and to put it on a website. This sounds a little complicated but after a short training course they will see it’s all very repetitive and in no way difficult. The pay is not the best but students can however fit the work into their college schedule easily and earn at the same time.

4. Translator

If a student is on a language course or just proficient in languages, they could find a job operating remotely as a translator. Translators can work on a freelance basis for many organizations or can concentrate on specific publishing companies or corporations. They may even decide to work for a translating company, translate the news stories and articles, web pages and books – the list is endless.

5. Online Surveys

This is an excellent way to earn quick money. Students will not earn big money, however, they will earn easy money. If they wish to create an account there are many legitimate survey companies out there just waiting for them. If students are demographically acceptable for a particular survey they will more than likely be chosen for that particular survey. All students need do is fill in the questionnaire honestly then sit back and wait to see which surveys they are accepted for.

6. Website Testing

Designers and developers rely on testers to check out websites, apps and games functionality. The feedback of the tester is very important in the design and progress of the item they are testing. The test can typically take 10-20 minutes depending on the difficulty and complexity of the test that the student has accepted. The tester/student can expect to be paid $10 – $20 per test depending on what is expected of them.

7. Online Marketplace

Many students change electronic equipment on a regular basis. They may have upgraded to a new mobile phone, tablet or even their laptop, so why not sell their old equipment on an online marketplace. They can even sell items they may have created themselves such as clothes, CDs. DVD’s, Books as well as unwanted and unused gifts. If they wanted to expand their business and make more money they can buy in cheap and sell at a profit. Anything is possible on when using an Online Marketplace. Booksrun is such a platform where students can sell and get cash for textbooks.

8. Virtual Assistant

Neither secretarial nor administration skills are required for this job. Students can use the skills they have developed while studying at college to pursue this position. Organizational and communication skills will have been improved while in college and should be positive when offering their services to businesses. The services they can offer include data entry, social media management, research, website maintenance and many other services. Why not offer services to college professors and academics, even ask the administration department if they need a hand managing the online resources and learning sites for students.

9. Part Time Project Manager

Students will need to use their communication and organizational skills to keep a multitude of project components on track, this will include implementation and execution of carried out on-time work to ensure projects stay on schedule or ahead of given deadline dates. Students will also require strong interpersonal skills along with the ability to organize and coordinate the workflow of different departments and contractors. There are online free tools to enable a student to learn as they go.

10. Transcriptionist

This requires no previous experience and offers flexible hours and a workload that students can fit around their college schedules. The work consists of listening to audio transcripts and typing what you hear. It sounds simple and it is, however students will require concentration and good attention to detail to make it work. The Legal and Medical world rely on Transcriptionists and pay above the normal $15 – $25 you can expect for general transcription. It may be worth specializing.