3-helpful-tips-on-creating-the-best-call-to-actionThere are two very important elements that should always be present in your marketing email and they are; call to action and the subject line. Generally, email marketers like Mailigen emphasize a lot on the subject line. This often lets the call to action be unexamined. Try never to make this mistake while sending a message, primarily because it will significantly reduce the impact of your message. So, how do you give a great call to action? Here are some tips that can help you:

1. Make it Short

A very damaging and common mistake with any call to action is making it long. Often, the writer or marketer does not take the time to refine its essentials. As such, just remember that a call with more than five words is too long.

Almost all the top retailers and businesses use brief words in their email messages, like “Shop now”. Such words are perfect as they hold the power to instantly captivate the audiences. (Also, if you really want to show a price tag, show a discounted one).

2. Tell the Audience What to Do

Many email marketers take this as a Call to Action 101, while others believe it may be a revelation. Whatever the reason, every person should remember this advice for calls to action: Inform the audience what you think they should do.

Here is a good way to illustrate this, just imagine that you are about to meet your prospect in an office’s hallway. You have a large poster board in your hands. This is your email message. At any moment your prospect is about to arrive in the office. When he does, you hold the poster right up to his eye level. You only have a short sentence written on it, maybe less than five words to say to him before he dashes off. What words do you use? This will be your call to action.

Here are some common calls to action routinely utilized by today’s top online firms, especially in their mobile marketing campaign:

  • Share
  • Look Inside
  • Shop Now
  • Buy with 1-Click

Did you notice a pattern? All of these start with a short verb. You can call it a “true essence” of any call to action. Such calls are also recognized via their simplicity.

3. Urge Receipts to Respond Now

Try studying the examples of effective direct mail copywriting and you will definitely notice a pattern. Usually, such calls have a “today” phrase in their end – as in “Start your new life today” or “Sign up today”.

Also remember that nowadays, people have a shorter timeframe even than “today”. Since the marketers want their target audience to respond immediately, the word “now” can be said as an ideal call to action. Due to its short size, you can include it at almost any action call.

Besides, “now” is an immediately understood word. This means that it is about as clear and simple as you can get.

So there you have it, some simple tips that will help you think of a good call to action on all your emails.