why start bloggingCreating a blog in 2018 doesn’t require you to possess sheer blogging skills or master the dynamics of a pro-blogger who probably has been giving tutorials on how to set one all his life. While most people consider blogging to be a hobby, we think that making a blog, and avidly using it as a platform to document your voice in front of an audience is a lot more than just a temporary past-time.

A majority of people would consider blogging to be just a healthy alternative for earning money. While this is true and effective, some people would actually make a blog just to improve their writing skills and to have a platform where their voice can be heard. Like most pro-bloggers would say, blogging is easy, simple, and quite effective, and starting a blog takes hardly a few minutes. All you need to do is follow a simple tutorial on how to set up your blog on WordPress, and you’re good to go.

If you’re looking for more incentives on how to start a blog, then look no further. Mentioned below are three reasons that can actually help you to start a blog right away.

1. Mode for Self-Improvement

We remember getting urged by our teacher in grade school or our therapist today to write our deepest thoughts on paper without having any fear. Whether it was when we were teenagers or when we started taking therapy to sort out the discourse in our minds, writing has and will always be encouraged. Blogging not only helps you to take a leap of discipline but also helps you to understand your deepest fears and issues.

When you start blogging about a respective niche, such as your daily life or perhaps your travel exploits, you start to discover meaningful situations and associations that have had a huge impact on you. By blogging in front of an audience, you’re not only helping yourself to become an avid self-thinker by realizing the intentions of your doings, but you’re also helping your inner self to communicate thoroughly and therefore, help a large number of people in practice.

2. Helps You Become A Better Writer and Establish Relationships

Blogging also helps you to become a better writer per se. If you’re doing it primarily for writing purposes, then you should start slowly and see yourself evolve in time. Usually, most people try to write on a specific niche or an amalgamation of categories that they are good in, which will somehow help to keep their readers interested.

Grabbing the interest of your readers is quite important, so try choosing a category or niche that best explains you and vice versa. You can also attract an audience concerning demographics or a specific community. For instance, most people start blogging by keeping in view their choice and area of readers. In turn, you can market your blog by taking help from search engines such as Google that can help you to earn organic traffic to your blog.

3. Helps You Make Profit and Earn Money

Before you look into measures on how to make a blog, you should at first be quite clear in your intentions. While some people would consider blogging to be an escape, and quite rightfully so, many people would consider blogging to be purely for financial purposes. Sure, the parts where it helps you to become a better writer, thinker, creator, and an inspiration for others are just some of the other golden points and additional highlights of blogging.

There are quite a lot of bloggers who actually had no idea that their little enterprise can also help them earn profit out of it. ProBlogger’s founder, Darren Rowse, started blogging back in 2002 or 2003 and claims that he had no idea that his 18-month old blog could also help him earn money.

In 2004, Darren Rowse looked into Google AdSense and Amazon’s Associates’ Program, both of which were off to a bad start initially. According to Darren Rowse, he couldn’t even buy himself a daily cup of coffee from the earnings of his first month. However, since 2004, Google AdSense and Amazon Associates have helped him earn US$2,400,000 and US$670,000, respectively.

If this doesn’t help motivate you and start a blog right away, then we wonder if any other incentives could lead you to start your blog right away.