5 best gaming apps to improve your business management skillsGaming is generally perceived as an activity that squanders precious time. But actually, it’s way beyond fun and entertainment – it’s about learning. The tactics you learn in the virtual gaming world can be applied to the real world. Gaming not only improves your memory, but also boosts your cognitive ability.

Do you know you can also polish your business strategy skills by playing games? Well, if you’re a game fanatic and an entrepreneur, you can use these 5 exciting games to perfect your strategic thinking. Feel free to experiment with your ideas in these business games. The only loss you’ll bear is regarding scores and virtual money, but let’s just admit these are merely games (and pretty addictive ones!). On the bright side, you’ll learn how to tackle real life business issues!

1. Business Battle

Being the world’s first fantasy strategy gaming app, Business Battle certainly has a lot to offer. The game features rigorous business learning and simulation that can help you gain business management skills, which can be applied to the real world. The multiplayer mode allows you to battle against other players and after every level you get to have an assessment with personalized feedback. Business Battle helps you acknowledging areas of economics, statistics, marketing, operations and financial management.

2. AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is available online as well as on Android and iOS, for free! The entrepreneur game sets a real challenge for players to start with a basic lemonade stand and work up all the way to newspaper, movie studios and oil companies. Earn more to purchase other businesses, hire employees, buy cutting edge upgrades, attract investors and dominate the business world. The graphics may not be much appealing, but the game certainly excites you as the numbers in your virtual bank account increment.

3. Dungeon Village

Work toward the development of your fantasy town and earn the rightful spot as its mayor in this urban planning game. Dungeon Village asks players to strategize for removing the threat of evil monsters, attract adventurers to your town and send them to defend the town against nefarious creatures. You can also sell the collected loot and use the money to upgrade your town. Personalize your town by building magic labs and combat schools to polish the heroic skills of your adventurers. All you need to do is increase your town’s popularity, so that every adventurer wishes to become a permanent resident. The newly added ‘Cauldron’ feature experiments with your alchemic proficiency. The items hurled inside the Cauldron may also enhance your armory. What’s not to love about this bold RPG game? And it can be yours in just $4.99 on Android and iOS.

4. Cook, Serve, Delicious

Are you a fan of Restaurant running games? You should first open Friv or JuegosFriv for a variety of games where you can own an eatery. Beginning with a virtual restaurant before you actually own one is a great way to experience all the ups and downs of a startup food business. Cook, Serve, Delicious is yet another opportunity for simulation enthusiasts to learn the ways of taking over a restaurant. Food has never appeared so real! Enjoy the stunning graphics of this game and strive to improve your food area. You have to wash the dishes and prep the food during prepping hours, but as soon as the customers start pouring in, it’s time to hustle with the service. As fancy as this game appears, it can be downloaded for a little money on Android and iOS.

5. Motorsport Manager

Hone your business management skills with profound exhilaration in spine-tingling car racing game. As the name suggests, Motorsport Manager allows you to build your own racing team and then manage it efficiently. You get to hire drivers, upgrade your car and invest in technology. Moreover, you need to use your brains to develop the perfect racing strategy and the right aesthetics to reach the pinnacles of motorsport.