One easy step to get good sleep at night is by knowing how much improvement is required in your sleep cycle. Once you know that, you can test the solutions required for fulfilling your sleeping requirements.

In case, you are already up to a good night sleep, there are few fascinating facts that you must know for understanding how better you sleep as compared to others. Doing it this way, you can find out the areas that require improvement.

Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking assists you in monitoring whether you are getting good sleep or not. There are various sleeping apps that you can use for tracking your sleep. Such gadgets and apps promise you accurate monitoring of your sleep quality.

Sleep Tracking Apps


This is another smart app, which is equipped with high-end sleep analysis, which is enabled with sound, motion sensors and ambient noise machine. It’s quite easy to use this app and it is adjustable to the sensitivity wherein you can use it either as time log or for tracking sleep cycles. It lets you compare your sleep cycle over the week.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep cycle is an “smart alarm clock”, which wakes you during your sleep cycle’s lightest phase. It delivers great analytics in the form of detailed statistics and easy graphs that display the sleeping phases you have gone through during night. It even judges your performance in comparison to other people using this app.

All you need to do is to place it near your bed while sleeping and it gives you comprehensive and accurate analysis of your sleep. It measures your sleep by using motion and sound detection.

Sleep Better

It is a sleep cycle tracker and alarm that comes with 30 minute wake up windows and easy graph analysis. One additional benefit that it provides you over the similar apps is that you can record your dreams on it.

Besides this, it lets you monitor moon’s phases, which helps you understand whether it has any effect on your sleep. In case, you opt for upgradation, you get quick access to more customization options and long term insights.

Sleep as Android

This is another variant for tracking your sleep. It wakes you up gently at the best time of your sleep cycle. The sensors can easily track your movements and sleeps, and you can also wear them to get the best results.

Similar to Sleepbot, it makes a count for the sleep deficiency, which you might be suffering from, so that you can work on that for improving your health.

The alarms are available in various ranges varying from nature sounds, captcha, ambient noise and puzzles etc.

Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius is different from other apps as it gives you a scientific solution for better sleep. The main feature of this app is the gradual wakeup alarm and customizable sleep music.

In case, you upgrade to its premium version, you get access to a personalized sleeping dashboard. Besides this, you get regular updates for analysing your sleep and mentioning you the areas you can improve upon.

The mentioned dashboard will give you access to your long and short term sleep history. Such history is mentioned in easily readable graphs.

Besides this, it has heart rate monitor for people, who like recording their body functions after waking up. Though this app doesn’t support noise-recording, the other features are great that you can’t afford to miss it.


You can try any of these sleeping apps and can see the results in the app itself.