ecommerce-web-design-tipsSelling is the business and the business is going great lately, but there are instances where companies fail to capitalize on improvements and boost up. One such improvement that lurks in the corner of investors, customers and owners’ mind but never really reveals itself is Web Design. It is safe to say that e-commerce web design involves a lot of technical specifications, given user satisfactory and great user experience is a must. Moreover, a satisfactory experience enables a business to retain the customer till the very end of the transaction, and ensures they don’t click away to other e-commerce sites. Therefore, the goal should be to make potential customers not only trust your business but also have confidence in the product they are buying as well. In addition, it is important that you ensure customers are able to navigate easily through your e-commerce website. Considering all this, and your inquisitive business sense that wants to improve, I present some e-commerce web design tips that can help you a great deal:

1. Create attractive links

It is important that you come up with attractive links which can encourage visitors to purchase products and services from your website. Remember, your e-commerce website design should nurture visitors along the path to purchase. Therefore, it is heavily important that you actually use clear and attractive linking strategies to encourage this conversion behavior. Further, I personally advise that you include clickable images, text and buttons throughout your website, which links the customer easily to a purchase.

2. Make shopping easy and attractive

A good e-Commerce website normally ensures simplicity for customers, and maintains a process where completing purchase is a walk in the park for them. Hence, when you are engaged in building and managing your site, it is important that you consider multiple “Add to Cart” buttons or options for each item, reminding them constantly that this item is up for purchase plus, making it easier for them to add an item to their cart from any point of their website experience. But more importantly, and if Behavioral Economics taught me anything at all,  having multiple “Add to Cart” option psychologically pushes the user for a purchase. Further, brightly colored and clear CTAs for adding items to the cart for checkout is important. Customers are smart and they can easily read through your selling mechanism. Therefore, make the purchase, and the links navigating them to the Cart, attractive.

3. Easy navigation

It is important that you make your products or pages easy to find through drop down menus, site search and filters. You should actually craft drop down menus and filter system for your users so that they can easily find the product of their choice. Remember, product filters and categories are either overdone or underdone. Therefore, it is important that you create them from a customers’ perspective.

4. Promote great images

Speaking about attracting customers, great images do a lot to attract potential customer bases; a well-composed product image will attract customers and even increase your sales. Most potential customers are on social media. They normally use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and so on, to share these images and create awareness among their friends and relatives. This is why you should invest in high-quality product photography – you should let your audience see the best you have to offer. In addition, it is important that you use interactive photo galleries or sliders which showcase good product photography and attract attention. Customers want to see what they are buying; therefore, it is important that you display large and high quality images. It is important that you show multiple camera angles and display the products in various ways so the customer can see what the product looks like, and if you are inclined, you can actually use a video to show these products from multiple angles.

5. Organize your website properly

It is important to curate and organize your e-commerce site properly. A chaotic design can intimidate and discourage customers from spending time on your site, pushing them away to other e-commerce websites, while a well-maintained and neat website makes it more attractive for customers to visit and shop. For example, you can take a look at a prominent vape pen store, see how their products are organized in a clean, pristine manner. This helps to significantly improve the user experience of your customers and make it a lot easier for them navigate as well as buy your products.