5 invaluable tips for finding the best logbook loansTimes are hard and even with the most prudent financial management practices you might find it hard to survive on your salary alone.  At the same time traditional lenders today are more cautious when giving out unsecured personal loans. This means you have to think of alternatives if you are facing a financial emergency.

Logbook Loans as a Godsend

Logbook loans have become a popular alternative to traditional loans. If you own a vehicle which is fully paid for it is now possible to meet your financial emergencies.  The logbook stands as the security for the loan and you are able to access the amount you need.

There are many reasons these loans are so popular with consumers. Take a look:

  • Quick cash: When an emergency crops up you do not have to wait for weeks before a loan approval. These loans are provided promptly once the logbook has been verified.
  • Access to the car: Unlike other secured loans you will still have access to your car and your life will not be affected in any way. In essence, you shoot two birds with one stone.
  • Easy loan arrangement: There are no hidden details about these loans. It is a straight forward loan arrangement without any complications as opposed to other loan alternatives. A loan assistant will take you the loan requirements before you sign the contract.
  • Flexible eligibility criteria: Even with a bad credit history you can still access a loan and this is a big relief to many household owners whose credit profiles have been tarnished due to default.
  • Get a larger loan: Unsecured loans from banks are suitable when you just need a small loan. However, larger projects such as home renovations and education fees require collateral and your car will help you access a larger loan to meet your needs.
  • Flexible repayment: You will get a loan arrangement based on your income. A tailor-made loan is a good idea because you will not struggle to repay the borrowed amount.

Finding the best Logbook Loans

Now that you know the advantages of a logbook loan why not learn how to find the best deal. Of course there are many loan providers who are licensed to offer these financial products.  It is crucial to find the right lender in order to find a favorable payment package. Here are some considerations:

  • Evaluate your needs: Always borrow the amount you need and avoid going overboard lest you lose your car.
  • Compare different lenders: Use online comparison websites in the UK to determine which one is offering the best interest rates. You should also compare representative APRs to determine the actual cost of your loan.
  • Read the small print: Don’t get overexcited and instead take time to read the T&C.
  • Read customer reviews: Read as many online reviews about the potential lender to determine the quality of service you are going to receive. Always go for a more experienced and reputable lender with the relevant licensing.
  • Customer service: A good logbook loan provider should offer excellent customer services to guarantee all queries are answered in time.

Accessing quick cash doesn’t’ have to be so hard after all; just know your needs and carry out research to find the best lender.