rv road trip gadgets tips guidesPreparing for your next RV trip means doing several things: saving up money, making reservations at an RV park, planning your meals, and so on.

But another part of your preparation should consist of you making a list of the specific items that you want to bring with you, and there are several items and gadgets you definitely should bring with you that you may not have thought of.

Here are five items and gadgets you’ll need on your RV road trip:

1. Portable Wi-Fi Router

So long as you want to stay connected with the outside world or do some work during your trip, you’ll need to have access to the internet.

Several RV campgrounds provide free Wi-Fi, and even if they don’t, you can also always make sure you to stop at a library or coffee shop en route that does.

But perhaps the most reliable way to ensure you always have internet is to just bring your own personal router. While you’re at it, you may want to consider bringing a cell signal and Wi-Fi booster while you’re at it. A Wi-Fi booster can’t make a bad connection better, but it can make an existing good one easier to connect to.

2. Portable Solar Panels and Chargers

Solar panels and chargers have become a popular travel gadget with RV’ers in recent years. A simple 120W solar kit can be purchased for around a hundred dollars and are very easy to fold up for transport.

Solar chargers will also enable you to keep your USB powered devices charged

3. Roof Vent Cover

A roof vent cover is an item that many RV travelers neglect to invest in, and you won’t want to make the same error.

A roof vent cover allows your vents to always stay open in order to keep your RV properly ventilated (which guards the interior against moisture damage), while simultaneously not allowing any rain to pour through. The best vent covers to get will be ones that allow plenty of air flow.

4. Hand Held Vacuum

This is hardly an exciting gadget, but it’s also arguably necessary if you want to keep the floors in your RV clean. Yes, brooms are good to have too, but hand held vacuums are just more efficient and easier to use. The best one to get will be one that is rechargeable (here’s a good chance to use your solar charger).

5. Camping Chairs

Cheap, easy to transport and set up, and surprisingly comfortable, camping chairs are the best option if you want a simple and convenient option to sit outside under the awning of your motorhome trips. They can easily be acquired for less than ten dollars each.

Gadgets For Your RV Road Trip

Are these kinds of gadgets we have just covered absolutely necessary for your RV trip? No, but they will most certainly help make your trip easier and more fun.