5 reasons why you should create a mobile app for your online store
Today smartphones have become the main channel of communication with customers for many brands. Therefore, it is important for any modern online store to have a good mobile application. If it is not there, you lose to competitors.

Herd instinct

It sounds like a cliché, but your competitors’ competitors and competitors are already in full swing launching apps for their stores. This has long been not just a trend among large companies, but an obligatory attribute of small and medium-sized businesses. Statistics confirm that buyers prefer online stores with their own applications to websites with responsive designs. This is not at all surprising, because gadgets take up more and more space in our life.

One of the leaders in the streetwear direction, the American online retailer Carmaloop became convinced of the effectiveness of the mobile application in practice – sales indicators grew immediately after its launch!

Why search for something in the browser, wait for the download, if you can log in by pressing just one button? If you do not want to stomp in the back rows, you should join the fashion trend as soon as possible.


The correct UX design pattern of the application allows developers to create exclusive and useful features with intuitive navigation. The mobile application gives customers the opportunity to interact with the brand. It can be all sorts of contests, sweepstakes, games.

American clothing store Urban Outfitters has created the Urban On the app, which allows you to receive rewards even while shopping. All of its stores have a free Wi-Fi signal and a unique QR code for each visitor scanned upon purchase. Just for entering the application, the user receives a 10% discount, and a scan of the code at the checkout automatically makes everyone a participant in the drawing of a $ 500 gift card.

Thus, by providing the customer with an enjoyable and original experience, the brand is thereby personalizing itself.


mobile app improve customers experience
Apps are a great tool for converting visitors into loyal customers. Take coupons for example; paper copies from magazines have long been a relic of the past. Whether it’s a 20% discount offered exclusively through the mobile app. Thus, you kill two birds with one stone: you reward loyal customers who took the time to download the development of your programmers and give them the opportunity to feel their exclusivity.

Sales of multinational retailer Walmart skyrocketed with the launch of their Catcher app, which offered negotiated prices and discounts. Not only did customers feel confident they had received the best deal, the incentive for greater value kept them coming back again and again.

Another way to make the consumer feel important is to prioritize access to new products.


The mobile application of the online store allows you to send relevant push notifications. What is their difference from SMS, you ask? Firstly, they provide two-way communication, that is, the client is interested in your information and does not regard it as spam. Secondly, in mobile apps, push notifications can take many different forms, which allows marketers to be creative. Third, sending push notifications provides segmentation capabilities and useful statistics (both general and on the behavior of each specific user). Lastly, it is all about native app vs hybrid app.

World-renowned Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, boasts an excellent mobile app with notifications of nutritional advice, news, and discounts for registered members. Such a marketing ploy is a good opportunity to build trust in the brand, as well as constantly remind existing consumers of yourself.

It is also important that the price of push notifications is cheaper than the cost of SMS.

Customer satisfaction

You can’t run away from human nature: people like someone else’s approval. Naturally, potential buyers are interested in how others evaluate the product or service of interest.

ULTA, a chain of US beauty stores, offers a mobile offering with excellent customer feedback and many helpful product reviews. With the help of the program, you can scan any product in the chain store and immediately see reviews about it on the screen of your smartphone.

A kind of forum helps create a dedicated community around your brand, and this, in turn, contributes to a positive company image.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t run away from technological progress. Therefore, you should not ignore new items, avoid them, but get the maximum benefit from them.