auto transport web design tips guidesThere is no denying the fact that a good website can open multiple doors for you, which you did not even know, existed. With the world-wide-web connecting all the people together, the entire world has become the horizon. And, it holds true in case of an auto transport website, as well. But, you cannot just jump on designing an auto transport site without knowing what your customers want.

Some amount of research would be required so that your site is accepted and browsed. To make your work easier, we’ll be sharing some of the things that you would need to keep in mind, while getting the site designed.

1. Professional look

Remember that people looking at your site, need professional people to help them with their auto shipping. A professional looking website should be your top consideration. When the website looks professional, the customers will get the right vibe and feel more comfortable in dealing with the company.

They get a feeling of safety, just by looking at the layout, design and content on the site. So, the foremost thing for you would be to give it a completely professional look. The site should be able to answer all the relevant questions, and should have all the latest widgets and features.

2. The site should be user-friendly

Having a professional looking website is not the only thing that you need to think about. Do a thorough research on what is actually looked for, by the clients. And, try to accommodate them all in the site.

Having a site will help you get automated and closer to your goals. Your site should be user-friendly, and should provide easy navigation features. Also, it should have all the contact information and customer service details, usually a toll free number, which is clearly visible, on the home page. This will give a sense of assurance to the people who are looking for how to ship a car.

3. Services provided

Another important page that requires the maximum focus in your website, would be the “Services provided” page. This page should list out all the details of the services that would be provided, with minute details. After all, this is the page, which is going to tell the customers about what services they can expect, when hiring the company. So, it should advertise your freight, shipping and cargo services, and should appeal the general audience along with potential clients.

4. Search Engine optimized

With so many auto shipping companies around, having a good online presence is quite important. To get noticed on the site, one really needs to have the right search engine optimized words in the content. When the site has genuine content, backed by some real testimonials, it is bound to get visibility in the top page ranks. So, efforts should be made to get that visibility. Other things which can have an impact on the search engine ranks are a nice layout and design. Also, content that is regularly updated, gets a top rank, as well.

5. Fully functional website

The site should be fully functional. Not only should it look good and feel good, but the site should also work well.

The site should be capable of taking in quotes, and placing orders, so that half the work is done online, itself. Some of the features to be included in the site should be: Automatic quoting, placing of orders and information on tracking orders, etc.

The customers should be able to get real time updates on the auto transport status, so that they know where their car is, at that precise moment.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that the information on the site should be updated regularly. All the latest industry related information should be put on the site, and it should have all the latest features, as well. This will keep the site on top of the search engine results.

In Conclusion

Companies’ that provide cargo, freight and shipping services, have a far-wider reach. They provide the services across countries and also continents.

To have such a global appeal, the only way would be to improve visibility of their business and services. And, this would be possible through a world-class website, which will give your customers, who are in the lookout for how to ship their vehicles, an exact idea about what you provide and how you provide them. Just remember that there are thousands of other companies vying for your potential customer’s attention. So, to stay on top and not let the customer stray away to your competitors, you need to grab their attention in the first 10 seconds that they devote to your site.