5 ways to build a fortress around your wordpress websiteA few people who start their WordPress website today will go on to make millions of dollars. An even bigger percentage of them will build businesses capable of replacing their full-time jobs. In other words, some people will get very lucky and you might be one of them.

When you know so much is at stake it pays to be extremely careful. You might have a relatively new site at the moment, but if something bad happens to it your dreams could be crushed. You’re going to put in too much effort to risk everything, so here are a few basic ways to keep your new website safe.

Build Your Own Cloud

Everyone uses the cloud these days without thinking of the dangers involved. Bad things don’t happen often, so you’ll almost never hear about them. Sometimes data does disappear, so it’s good to have tools like Resilio as a backup for photos sync.

It will sync every one of your devices together to help you create your own cloud storage space. The odds of all your devices breaking at the same time are so low it’s not worth caring about.

Don’t Steal Premium Plugins

Lots of people will tell you to limit the amount of plugins you install, which makes complete sense. Hackers can get into your site through vulnerabilities in the code and it’s not even your fault.

You should listen to what they say, but definitely don’t try to use free copies of premium plugins. Even if you can’t afford a license because you’re bootstrapping, you’ll open yourself up to lots of dangers.

Have Trust In WordPress

When you want to backup your website you should trust WordPress to do it for you. VaultPress has now been pushed into Jetpack, but it’s essentially a plugin designed by the creators of WordPress to keep your site safe.

It doesn’t cost a lot of money and will work in the background backing your site up even if you’re never online. The copies will be stored on extremely powerful servers where they host WordPress.com sites.

Don’t Skimp On Good Hosting

It’s easy to opt for cheap hosting, but you’ve got to remember it’s not expensive for a reason. Not only will it be easier for your site to become compromised, but it will be harder to sort out the mess too.

Paying for more expensive hosting is definitely worth it because this is your business we’re talking about. It’s not worth breaking the bank, but you’ve just got to make sure you’re not being cheap when you don’t need to be.

Hide Your Login Page

Everyone knows if you want to access a WordPress site you only need to visit yourname.com/wp-admin. This means hackers could potentially try to break into your site because it’s an easy target, which is why you should hide it from them.

You could change it so your new login page is yourname.com/wp12345. On top of that, you can install a plugin that locks people out if they get your password wrong too many times. Those plugins are good if people are specifically targeting you.

Start Taking Security More Seriously

Nobody really cares what happens to their website until the unthinkable becomes a reality. It’s around this time security turns into the most important thing in their life. Don’t let the same thing happen to you by following the basic tips we’ve covered today.