website monetization tips guidesDo you know that you can make a decent income working online? Well, if you didn’t know then you can earn awesome income online.

Having a business website is a great way to put yourself ahead and attract clients to your business.

If you don’t have a website yet, create one and start to make money online. There are different websites that provide hosting services.

Visit the different sites and compare their services before you choose your hosting site. You can also visit Hostadvice to see updated WordPress hosting user reviews that will help your decision-making.

With that, let us get down to how you can use your website to earn an income.

1. Offer Digital Products or services

There are many products and services, which one can create and sell to make money. Here are some advantages to selling digital products which offer to the best IVA companies.

Low upfront costs. The cost of creating these products is low. Once created they are passive income and their profits are unlimited. Digital products have low barriers when introducing and selling to clients.

No logistics involved. With other physical products, you worry about stock storage, shipping, and other challenges. With digital products, there are no logistics.

Having known advantages of digital products here are some you can sell:

EBooks. You can create e-books in different categories and sell them online. Research the challenges most online customers face them create a book that will help them solve the problem. Design a custom ebook to help generate leads for your business with Visme’s powerful ebook creator and its easy-to-use design interface.

E-course. If you have experience in a certain field, like freelancing, use your experience and create an e-course where you will teach new and aspiring writers how to break through the freelancer industry.

Consultancy services. If you have experience in a certain field, you can use your website to create consulting services. People with challenges related to your expertise field will come for you for advice and guide and you charge them

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is an awesome way to monetize your website. Affiliate marketing simply means marketing products of other people and they pay you a commission for each sale you make.

It is advisable that you promote and market products that you have used. You can also promote products that you trust.

One great way to use your website to earn from affiliate marketing is through blogging. Create high-quality content that educates and informs your readers.

Within the content place links that will direct the potential clients to your company affiliate page.

If readers buy the product or service from the company you are advertising for, you get a commission.

It is advisable to promote products within your market niche as you have experience with them and you can promote them with ease on your blog.

3. Sell Services

You can use your website to sell your services to your potential clients. If for instance, you are a freelancer content marketer, you can sell your content marketing services to different clients.

Clients will need these services to convert more leads to clients, make sales and grow their business revenue.

The services also help in advertising their business brand to customers and increase traffic to their website.

If you offer any services online, use your business website to promote your services sell them to clients who need them and make money.

4. Sell Your Website

New business clients who want to venture into online space will need a website.

You can create a website and optimize it for search engines. Then you can sell the website to new business owners who want to start an online business.

Use WordPress to create a great website. One it on a reputable website, see the WordPress hosting user reviews to help you make the right website to host your website.

Clients like a website that is established on the search engine. It makes it easy to optimize for keywords that will attract clients to their website.

If you are a web designer, use your expertise and create awesome websites then sell them.

You can earn income with website flipping. This means buying unused or under developed websites, improving them and then sell them to clients.

5. Developing and Selling Plugins

Business owners like plugins that can help make their websites effective. If you are a developer or have knowledge and expertise create plugins.

You can sell the plugins to website owners. You can create plugins in different categories. They include security plugins to make your website data secure, SEO plugins to optimize your website ranking among others.

When selling the plugins, ensure you guide potential clients on how to use the plugins on their websites. It is essential to include ways clients can connect with you in case they need more help on how to operate the plugins.

6. Sell Sponsored Blog Posts

Ads on your website irritate some readers and can make them leave your website without even going through your website to see what you offer.

Another challenge with ads is you don’t have control over what advertising networks post on your website.

The easy way to avoid irritating your readers is to offer sponsored content. You can use a simple blog post to promote clients’ services or products and they pay you for it.

Through that, you don’t have to irritate your readers as they will not bother reading the content if they have no interest.

To earn a significant amount from a sponsored content it is essential to building credibility with the advertisers.

You must be an authority in your niche area and have high traffic to your website.


The above are not all the ways you can earn from your website. It is essential to try different and experiment with different ways to earn money from your website.

For all this to be possible you need to take massive action each day. Look for new ways to use your website to grow your income from websites.

Be on the outlook to improve the products or services you offer. If you don’t update your products with the rapid changes in technology and consumer trends your sales will be affected and you will cripple your business growth.