7 things your e commerce website might be missingIs your business website not getting enough visitors? It is not easy to evaluate what is wrong with your website on your own if you are not a technical person. Only a professional designer/search engine optimization team can find out what is wrong with your business website.

The world of technology is changing day by day and it is not easy to keep your website up to date with the latest trends. But, if you find your business website missing any of the following features, then, you know it is time to make changes to your website.

7 Things Your E-Commerce Website Might Be Missing

  1. Social Media Integration: Social media integration is very important for an e-commerce website if it needs to survive in this highly competitive world. There are many social media integration tools that you can easily integrate in your e-commerce website that allow users to share information from your website to social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.
  1. Responsive Design: According to a recent survey, more than 95% of users use their Smartphones, Android phones and iOS for browsing websites and doing shopping online. So, your website should automatically adjust to work in their device. If the users find your website is not displayed correctly when opened in a Smartphone, it will automatically ruin your business. So, if visitors to your website are less, this might be one reason. So, try to make your website responsive.
  1. Fresh and Updated Content: Content of your website is very important if it needs to attract the maximum users. No user likes to visit an e-commerce site with outdated content and not meeting the latest market standards.
  1. Sign-up Form: Sign-up forms are essential even today as such forms can help you get in touch with a potential customer and convince the potential customer to become your permanent customer through email marketing. Many people think that email marketing is an outdated technique that is not going to succeed in modern times.

But the truth is, email marketing still continues to be one of the most popular and efficient means of online marketing. Through proper email marketing, you can easily increase your e-commerce website business. So, if your website does not contain an electronic sign-up form, then ask your web design team to include an easy-to-use sign-up form that gives you the visitors’ email address and thereby helps to send them your newsletters and offers.

  1. Contact Page: Contact page is a must for an e-commerce website. If your e-commerce website does not contain a valid contact page, then, the customer won’t be able to contact the company and thus will have less faith in your website.
  1. Search Engine Optimized Site: Search engine optimization is essential for an e-commerce website if it needs to reach the top position in search results and get maximum visitors to the website. By hiring the service of a professional search engine optimization team, you can optimize your website and get the maximum visitors.
  1. Return Policy: It is important to display the return policy and cancelation policy in your e-commerce website. When a customer makes a purchase, it is essential to show to the customer that, there is an option to return the product he purchased. If your e-commerce website does not show a relevant return and cancellation policy to the customer, then it can hamper your business. So, if your e-commerce website does not include a return and cancellation policy, then the first thing you need to do is to include them.


Just having an e-commerce website is not enough to attract customers. Every e-commerce website should have some essential features. If your e-commerce website is not getting enough customers, check your site for the above mentioned items and if anyone of them are missing, get the help of a professional to fix it.

This is a guest post written by Mark on behalf of AmeriSleep