7 top plugins to turn a wordpress site into a mobile appThis article is for all the people wanting to leverage their WordPress site. With emerging technologies and latest advancements in software, opportunities are opening up every day which can help you reach a wider audience. U.S. adults spent, on an average, nearly 2.5 hours on mobile apps every day in 2017. With a superlative growth in the smartphone market, even people from developing countries are also suddenly having access to the internet. There is a huge user-base out there which can be tapped to take your business to the next level. For this to happen, your WordPress site needs to be accessible on various mobile platforms. It needs to be intuitive, user-friendly and responsive. If you want to make your website truly platform independent, you need to make it accessible as a mobile app.

A responsive website design presents your regular website in a user-friendly manner, be it on your laptop, tablet or mobile. Responsive design automatically adapts the layout of the website based on the targeted platform. However, having a responsive website is not sufficient for a mobile user’s needs. For a faster and more efficient user experience, you need a Mobile App. A Mobile App is a native app specifically designed for an IOS, Android or Windows mobile platform.

How Do You Go about Creating a Mobile App?

How easy is it? Can a person who is not a developer do it? Creating a mobile app for your site can end up being a very costly affair if you get it done by a developer. Luckily there are many WordPress plugins available with which you yourself can convert your existing website to a mobile app. At present, there are many free and premium plugins available which can help convert your WordPress site into a Mobile App in a few minutes. These plugins are for regular users as well as expert developers. These apps have to be then published to the App-Store, Google Play Store or Windows Phone Market.

Here Are the Top 7 Latest Plugins to Be Considered:

  • AppPresser (Premium)
  • WordApp Mobile App Plugin (Free)
  • Worona (Free & Premium)
  • Mobiloud (Premium)
  • WiziApp (Premium)
  • IdeaPress (Free)
  • Mobapper (Free)

Below, we’ll have a detailed look at each of these plugins. You need to install the plugins and refer the respective user manuals for instructions to create the apps. A user can consider the following key factors for finalising his choice.

  • Free or paid
  • Ease of use and speed
  • Collection of themes
  • Coding skill requirement
  • Integration with WordPress
  • Availability of Push Notification services
  • Advertising and analytical solutions
  • Option to create iOS and Android apps
  • Provides custom solutions
  • Versioning

AppPresser (iOS, Android)

AppPresser is one of the most popular premium tools available in the market to quickly convert your WordPress site to an app. It even provides custom solutions as per your requirement.

WordApp Mobile App Plugin (iOS, Android)

It’s a wonderful free solution using which you can convert your blog or WordPress site to a native mobile app and mobile website in as much as 30 minutes. It offers some beautiful themes and other features.

Worona (iOS, Android)

Worona is a simple and open source plugin which can be used by anybody. To save yourself the hassle of doing it by yourself, you can opt for their premium service. They will do the conversion for you, publish the app in the stores and offer premium support.

Mobiloud (iOS, Android)

It is another top premium service which converts your WordPress site to a mobile app with a fully native, fast interface. It automatically updates your app when changes are made to your site. You can try out their services before actually buying.

WiziApp (iOS, Android)

It is very simple to operate WiziApp. You can use any of WiziApp’s pre-built themes or your own responsive theme to generate a native mobile app for your website.

IdeaPress (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows)

IdeaPress converts your WordPress (both WordPress.com and self-hosted site) into native mobile apps. It can also create a windows app! It offers many features including dynamic updating, offline browsing, etc. It is a great avenue for coders and non-coders to develop beautiful mobile apps.

Mobapper (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry)

Mobapper is an open-source software which allows you to create native mobile apps for your WordPress website in a few steps. This plugin also lets you control the contents delivered to your mobile.


There are many other which can be considered for creating native mobile apps for WordPress sites. Use the pointers given in this article to check the merits of other plugins and make a decision.