learning tips smarter website resourcesThe digital age is a manifest of great transformations in education and beyond. In fact, artificial intelligence has surpassed expectations. But while there are many other reasons to be happy, there are pertinent questions which a student must look into. For instance, has the advent of technology in education made it easier for you to pass exams? Well, depending on how you’ve so far conceived aspects of education technology such as e-libraries, distance learning, and essay writing websites, describing everything as is gets you closer to smartness.

Age of Information Plethora and impacts on academia

Research has become a lot easier with the advent of automated classrooms. The same can be said of learning new things in ways that never existed before. Think of being able to take a leap into the World Wide Web to read, share academic content and even present projects through video conferencing.

Websites that will make every student instantly smarter

The link between academia and internet grows stronger with every passing day and describing it as exceptional would be an understatement. Websites that help improve the performance of school goers are certainly innumerable. From places where students can hire writers to sites that post easy online jobs for college students, one can surely run out of count. This post explores some of the best websites for any student who wants to be smart, so read on for details.

1. Lumosity

Cognitive ability is an integral part of one’s acuity and intelligence. Technology has helped boost this in many ways none ever imagined possible. Lumosity is designed to help students sharpen their creative capacities and thinking abilities through a range of activities. In fact, it has programs designed by top neuroscientists and backed by top research and academic institutions such as Harvard.

2. Duolingo

Well, learning top international languages such as French, German, Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese couldn’t be any easier. Duolingo has earned its place among the best language resources and has even been backed by research are far way better than most courses taught in colleges.

3. Quora

If you are looking for a range of solutions to everyday problems, then Quora, an online question-answer forum is the best resource for you.

4. Investopedia

Stay ahead of the pack by investing some time in this online resource. Learn how to invest wisely and take care of your financial freedom in future that is bleak for many who do not know where to start from.

5. MIT Open Courseware

This is certainly an Ivy League learning experience brought to your doorstep. Get to learn from the best minds and resources through this web-based source now available to the public at no cost.

6. Instructables

You want to make a camera gimbal but do not know how? Worry no more. Instructables has video resources that will take you from step one to the end in a fashionable and easy way.

7. Lifehacker

Life can be a tricky thing but Lifehacker unlocks impossibilities through resources you won’t find anywhere. Here, you get to access tips and ideas that will change your perception and approach to life’s goals.

In summary, the web is a nowhere comparable to anything that is said to define modern technology in best terms possible. It’s simply exceptional. From learning resources, reach to time and space, there couldn’t have been a better world and progress than what the internet has given rise to.