a short guide to hp loadrunner integration trainingPerformance testing tools have now become an integral part of enterprise software environment. Indeed as most businesses have now integrated IT solutions in their operations it is imperative for them to ensure that the critical applications in their systems are working optimally.

As with all technologies there are expected hiccups in any type of operational software. To guarantee these problems do not affect operations it is important to get more insight on how to test and optimize the system. Performance testing goes beyond just detecting the problem but also pinpointing where such an error is originating.

Introducing HP LoadRunner

A load performance test tool is thus critical to ensure everything runs smoothly. Through load testing it is possible to predict when problems can occur by evaluating the data capacity of your current system. HP LoadRunner is one of the top application load-testing solutions in the market today. So far the performance testing tool has received rave reviews due to its groundbreaking innovational technology.

This performance tool helps users identify the problems with their applications but more importantly helps come up with ways to avoid such problems. While some of the users might have some performance testing expertise it is important to appreciate that others do not have a clue.

The onus in ensuring you application runs optimally thus rests with your quality and assurance (QA) team and this tool come s in handy by making it easier to identify and prevent bottlenecks. This is s a critical step especially when you are planning an upgrade or installation of a new system. The HP LoadRunner is versatile enough to allow testing of different platforms include internet applications, CRM and ERP applications, legacy applications, applications and web 2.0 technologies.

By using HP LoadRunner it is possible for the user to get a clear view of the system’s end-to-end performance. Like in any other problem solving projects you can only manage what you know and once this performance test is done it becomes easier to deal with problems especially if you are about to go live.

Leveraging HP LoadRunner Integration & Training

HP LoadRunner has been hailed for its ability to forecast issues including scalability and capacity which leads to reduction in the total cost of software and hardware. While performance testing has always been viewed as an extra cost by smaller business it is now possible to find a comprehensive package through the HP LoadRunner Training & Integration solutions.

This means your application will not only undergo intense testing but your staff will benefit from expert training. Learners are trained on how to set load testing goals, running load test scenarios, learning different load testing tools, analyzing and interpreting load test results and planning how to effectively carry out load testing.

HP LoadRunner allows for simulations which help to take applications through expected rigors in real-life operations. The systems can support a diverse range of applications including mobile, Java, NET, HTML 5, GWT, Citrix, SOAP, Legacy among others. It can also be used to test cloud-based applications.

The HP LoadRunner features including continuous testing, mobile and cloud testing, interactive user transaction simulation and root cause analytics makes this an all-in-one performance testing solution for the modern business environment.