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If you are looking for an easy way to earn money online, then consider the Amazon Affiliate program as it is one of the best that continues to flourish. It is commonly known as the “Amazon Associates”, The program encourages users to promote Amazon products on their websites and get a commission when someone uses the link to purchase products.

The Amazon affiliate program is perfect for anyone hoping to earn with their online platform. As an affiliate, one can earn up to 10% commission on sales done through referrals. Below you can find more about the concept and our exclusive tips on associating with Amazon.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

It is simply a system where an online retailer pays an external website a commission for sales generated from their referrals. As an affiliate, you can look for products you enjoy, and strategize a way to market them on your platform. These referrals are tracked using links from one website to another.

Amazon allows affiliate marketing to be done via websites, mobile apps, and social networks. There is a specific set of requirements that you need to meet within each category. For instance, you should have the ownership of the website or a minimum number of followers when it comes to social networks.

How to Get Started

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate is quite simple. All you need is a platform that you can use to serve traffic to the seller. But what you need to remember is that your website has to be performing well enough for you to direct the audience to Amazon.

1. Create the Platform

It is necessary to have an active website, blog, Youtube channel, social network or a mobile app to become an affiliate. It is not only enough that you start a website, but it is significant that you have kept it authentic, with enough engagement.

2. Sign up on Amazon Associates Homepage

Amazon has clear-cut instructions on their page on how to register as an Associate. You will be asked to provide personal information and a payment method. You will also have to provide descriptions of the tool you are using for marketing. You will also need to have an idea about how the promotions would be done, what kind of audience you are targeting and the niche you are focusing on.

How to Optimize?

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Any website has to be optimized strategically to address the needs of the audience and redirect them to the sale links. Similar to digital marketing, the content is the key here too. There has to be an attractive balance of both visual and written content that pleases the audience.

The content also has to organically include these associated links or advertisements without making it look like spam. The only way to achieve this is by focusing on each and every post and paying attention to detail. It might be almost impossible to generate original ideas on your own regularly to maintain activity especially if you are doing the marketing as a side project to your main endeavors.

One way to approach this is by inviting guest posts from others. This will ensure that the blog stays active and has diverse sources. You will only have to make sure that this guest content adheres to your writing style and is devoid of any errors. The other way is to hire professional essay writers, who are familiar with the concept of content writing and digital marketing. They can provide high-quality articles, targeted at your niche audience. It also ensures that the written content will be of high quality and not plagiarised.

How Much Can You Earn?

It all comes down to the big question of money. Amazon has a varying commission structure depending on the type of product. How much you earn will solely depend on how well your website can direct traffic conversion.

One might not be able to make money during the first month. But with enough effort, it is indeed possible to make your way as a successful marketer in this field. You would have in fact come across many such sites and bought products from Amazon via them, without even realizing that they are affiliate links. Websites like Snapsport and Thewirecutter are familiar to many in the niche and are performing quite well in the arena.

Remember that anybody can participate, and thus the competition is tough for affiliate marketing. It is imperative to deliver excellent and innovative content to attract the audience not only to your website but to get them to Amazon as well.

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