are a blogger and want to know how much you can earn here is the solutionHave you ever dreamt of making money by simply writing high quality content? Definitely the answer is “Yes” and that is why you developed that blog. Well, the idea here is to ensure that you stick to what works better for you and leave the rest.  Before you enter the industry, you must be certain about your objectives – to earn a living and keep your family boat rolling!

Blogging may not be considered as a technique to make money, but a habit, a fad, a diversion that will present itself while time permits and before you know it, it will be gone.  Thus, you can develop a blog but with no hope of making money through it. That is unthinkable! Go to to get a real picture regarding the amount of money you can actually earn from your site.

Make it fun and go to your friends or family and explain to them that you want to quit job and opt for blogging. They will laugh and plainly ask if blogging is viable.  We do understand that everyone has a dream and will want to go after it.  Yes, every one of them wants you to achieve your goals. However, they wish for you to be realistic.

Most people have been led to believe that the only viable way to make money is going through higher education and thereafter writing a book or putting up a big business and not going the blogging way. They believe it is incredulous making money on blogs.  As it were, this is a misplaced perception and looking at the statistics here:, you can understand what blogging entails and how much money you can make without making a move from your desk.

In order for you to make a great amount of money on your blog, it is vital to do the following. And before, then the amount of revenue is entirely dependent on your efforts – positive at that.

  • Setting up your own blog
  • Creating content that attracts a great amount of traffic
  • Turning traffic into your email subscribers
  • Sending  your quality content to your subscribers
  • Selling only those services or products your followers are looking for

However, these five may seem an easy ride from the outer look, but believe you me, each of these steps is as complicated and calls for amazing skill. The last step, for instance, what are the services or products you intent to sell? Supposing you do not have anything to sell?

Well, it is easy to earn a living with your blog by simply selling products or services of other people. Selling ads (thought regarded as the least gainful) is the most common technique. This involves allowing companies to place ads about their services or products on your site for some fee. Besides, you can get into partnerships with other organizations, advertising their services and products (affiliate) and get paid some commission every time your visitors make a purchase.

Thus, the technique you opt for is entirely dependent on you. But, before deciding anything you must understand one thing – you aren’t just a website owner! Once you have chosen to monetize your blog, you stop being just one of those bloggers. At this point, you can count yourself among the many entrepreneurs around and therefore your blog eventually changes into a small enterprise.

You have heard about fiscal planners offering free conferences to lure clientele, correct? Blogging is actually different from these free meetings. You must understand that you are trading your skill and knowledge hoping to lure buyers and getting their confidence in return.

Bottom line: If you joined blogging with an aim of making money, then it is vital to view your blog as a mechanism to generate leads. Besides, it helps to nurture the leads until that time they are set to buy.