membership retention tips guides


These days, membership engagement as well as retention is the greatest challenge almost all the organizations that are based on membership faces. After all, the members must feel that they belong to the specific organization and feel motivated to help it reach its goals, right?

Failure of the members to renew in timely manner is another issue many associations face. Most of the members that don’t choose to renew their membership state that their expectations and needs weren’t fulfilled and they didn’t really see any value in their membership.

So, the question here is what can be done to overcome it? Here comes the role of membership software that plays an important role in streamlining and managing the tasks related to the members of the organization. This software comes with a myriad of valuable tools as well as some best features that are necessary for maximizing engagement and managing members. The following are the top software features.

  • Flexible fee management of the members
  • Communication automation
  • Comprehensive member profiles
  • Custom membership forms
  • Constituent portal focused on community

There are even some effective ways to onboard new members. Read on to know what you should do during first few months to ensure your members feel valued.

Welcome Them in First Month

Firstly, reach to your member on time when they first join. Ensure that you are being proactive and response to them without any delay. You can send welcome email and attach login credentials to members-only portal. After that, you can contact them through a phone call in case they haven’t yet accessed members-only portal.

Connect to Them During Second Month

The second month is for connecting to your members and strengthening this connection so that they feel an important part of your organization. Here, ensure you take some proper time for creating unique and personal touch point for new members.

A personal note can do wonders in this era of texts and emails. Your members will surely love it! You can even arrange celebratory events with a goal of introducing new members to current ones.

Engage New Members!

It is vital to engage new members for boosting retention. Only then the strategies you made during the previous two months will turn out to be successful. After three months, you must have welcomed your new members, connected to them, as well as engaged with them in meaningful way.

Furthermore, you can even post amazing pictures from such celebratory events on social media. It is indeed one of the great ways for keeping your members’ engagement and excitement going!

After that, you can even email or call your member ambassadors to check out on things and in case there is anything you should do to engage new members. Mention any exciting upcoming referrals, events, as well as other such ways and discuss them one-to-one with your new members.

So, the above are the best ways to encourage your new members to renew in a timely manner. Implement them now and ensure effective membership retention!