business website color scheme designer tipsWebsites continue to remain the best marketing technique that can be used to generate more business for your organization. To make your website engaging and attractive, it is important to use the right color schemes. But, choosing a color scheme that will go well with the product and services you are offering your customers on the website is not easy.

Many designers find it really difficult to choose the best color scheme for the website and finally end up using colors that have no connection with the product and services offered via the website. Here, we look at the some of the best color schemes you can choose for your business website.

Benefits of Choosing the Best Color Scheme for Your Business Website

Colors are, no doubt, the most powerful ingredient of your business website. Colors create a psychological impact on the behavior of the user and help the customer in taking a decision. Designers use colors as a strong catalyst as it can affect the behavior of the person and force the customer to make a purchase decision.

But, it is essential for the designers to know the right colors to use in their website to motivate customers to make a positive decision. Studies have proved that colors, in some cases, will be the sole reason for a customer taking a decision to buy a product. Therefore, when you are using colors in your business website, you need to make sure it can attract users and help them take the right purchase decision in your favor.

Some of the Common Color Schemes You Can Use in Your Business Website

  1. Blue: There is no doubt that blue color is one of the best colors that can be used in any kind of business website. Blue color focuses on loyalty and reliability. Business organizations that are into tourism, yacht and cruise service can use the blue color as it matches with the overall business.
  1. Yellow: Yellow is another common color that can be used in your website. Yellow color can send a positive feeling and is related to happiness and warmth. Business organizations that are into social services and fun activities can use yellow color for their business website. Even casino’s and disco bars use yellow color for their website.
  1. Red: Red is a very popular color among fast food business organizations. Organizations that produce drinks and supply food prefer to use red color in their website. Red color can be used for sites that show spot clearance sales or special offer sales as it can attract users easily. Red color creates a feeling of energy, speed and desire in the minds of the viewers.
  1. White: White means pure, it is a symbol of purity. Organizations that are into social service can use it for their advantage. Many spa salons, technology sites and wedding centers prefer designers to use white color in their website as it can send the right signal to the customers.
  1. Green: Another popular color that can be used in your business website is green color. Green color is considered as a symbol of happiness, wealth, nature and health. Business organizations that are into selling organic products use green color to their advantage. Environmental organizations and relaxation centers prefer to include green color in their website.


Choosing the right color scheme is a tough ask but once the designers and the organization know the importance of each color and the signals it can send, it becomes easier to choose the right color scheme. All the 5 colors schemes that are discussed here are good and can influence the purchase decision of the visitor.

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