The increasingly intelligent Google tool allows users to easily create a website of their own. Thanks to the presence of WordPress themes and templates, building a website becomes simpler than ever. Naturally, we always want to buy a product at the lowest price yet still produce the highest results. However, the fact shows that not all famous suppliers have attractive coupon codes.

Not only do new users need a prestigious WordPress theme vendor, but even theme suppliers need a trusted place to sell their exclusive creations. Therefore, this article will reveal the hottest WordPress theme deals of trusted vendors in this year so you can save a huge amount of money.

What is WordPress Theme?

what is wordpress theme

For WordPress websites, a theme is a folder that contains the entire interface design file. That is the place where WordPress allows you to change and edit the interface. Each website has a unique theme. Once a designer develops a good theme, they can sell it on the market. There are now millions of free and charged themes on the Internet.

Reasons Customers Love to Use Coupons

As we all know, when operating a website in particular and doing other activities in general, cost reduction is a vital factor for the website’s existence. Using coupons or hunting sale programs allows consumers to save as much as possible and manage your finances most effectively. Coupons bring huge economic benefits that make people love them.

  • Launching coupons, businesses will be able to sell more products and services. Also, the brand will be more known to consumers through coupons, deals, discounts, and sales campaigns.
  • For consumers, they will receive the best preferential price when using coupon codes to buy their favorite products.

Like it or not, web developers always search for the best WordPress theme coupons in the market to own high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Why Use WordPress Theme Offers from Reputable Sources?

Only when you have a suitable theme can your website become a machine that works and generates money no matter what field you specialize in.

Did you know that an open-source like WP has a lot of hackers who want to break in? So, installing cracked WP themes can kill your website anytime.

  • Secure your website during operation.
  • Used and updated according to the cycle you agreed upon when buying from the supplier. If the theme is free, you will be updated forever as long as the provider maintains the theme activity.
  • Get support from experts who have extensive knowledge about WP. Of course, every provider has a good knowledge base of WP, but users believe in reputation.
  • Trustworthy theme providers always know how to optimize SEO following the world’s SEO trends at present. This makes it easy to use without the effort to customize the SEO standard again.
  • Always optimize the page loading speed so that the themes are always at the smallest size possible.
  • Using copyrighted themes is better than non-copyrighted themes. Also, the quality of copyright themes from reputable sellers is more stable.

After a process of doing research, we discovered that it is not convenient to search for WordPress theme deals on Google, although the demand for themes is soaring dramatically today. Usually, theme vendors offer exclusive coupons on their partner sites. Here are the top theme providers and their deals in 2020 that you should refer to because this is the chance to use high-end products and still save a significant amount of money.

Best WordPress Theme Deals from Famous Vendors in 2020

1. MyThemeShop Coupons ($10 Off)

mythemeshop coupons

It’s quite tricky to find a compact magazine WordPress theme that is suitable for the aesthetic eyes of the majority of Internet users. But you will certainly be satisfied with MyThemeShop products.

Moreover, the company offers exclusive discount codes on the CouponUpto page. This is an online platform specializing in providing promo codes, deals, saving tips and any information related to discounts with the aim of building the smartest and most economical shopping environment possible. Let’s get $10 off on all orders at MyThemeShop at!

2. Elegant Themes Deals (Up to 50% Off)

elegant themes deals

Referring to Elegant Themes, you may think of Divi themes – one of the modern and fully featured themes suitable for all websites today. Elegant Themes has dozens of beautiful themes. Yet, the most outstanding are Divi and Extra. All Elegant Themes’ products are professional, which allows you to drag and drop to create a website to your liking.

Normally, rarely did Elegant Themes launch shocking deals. However, you can still seek up to 50% off on Elegant Themes purchases on coupon sites.

3. Theme Junkie Discounts (10% Off)

theme junkie discounts

Theme Junkie has long been well-known for providing extremely light, SEO-friendly themes with super low price points. Their products are designed primarily for general users, most of the features are integrated and optimized for you to easily create a professional website in a few hours.

If you are a newbie to WordPress and want to quickly have a website full of professional features, then choose a theme from Theme Junkie. You will find using WordPress easier than imagined. Any customers can apply Theme Junkie coupons to save 10% on all orders. 10% is considered a beneficial reduction in the WordPress theme market by the nature of the product. Themes are usually set at a very affordable price, so they rarely have discounts. It’s wise to find exclusive codes on their coupon partners’ sites.

4. AccessPress Themes Coupons (Up to 50% Off)

accesspress themes coupons

From simple personal blogs to powerful websites like e-commerce, AccessPress Themes can respond quite well. However, the strength of AccessPress is not evaluated only by its ability to create modern sales pages. Instead, people favor AccessPress themes thanks to their convenience and fast loading speed for small and medium-sized websites or monetizing blogs.

Like other professional theme providers, AccessPress also attracts users by light, SEO-friendly themes as well as modern elegance when integrated into the website. Best of all, this vendor offers users a lot of up to 50% discount codes so customers can get a real bargain.

5. Grace Themes Promo Codes (10% Off)

grace themes promo codes

Among the top addresses for selling WordPress theme in 2020, Grace Themes designs and launches a huge theme collection. Since 2015, they have provided a wide range of best WordPress themes for bloggers, agencies, individuals, and freelancers.

Grace Themes products are easy to use, all options are integrated so you can customize them visually. Furthermore, Grace Themes always ensures to set their premium themes at the most competitive price to bring maximum satisfaction. There are also exclusive discount codes for customers to get 10% off on Themes Bundle at CouponUpto.

6. Age Themes Coupons (30% Off)

age themes coupons

For those who are seeking Joomla templates for your website, Age Themes will be a perfect choice. Besides Joomla, you can seek anything you need from a plethora of over 300 Premium WordPress themes on their site. Their products meet all the toughest requirements ranging from business to blogging.

Also, as we mentioned from the beginning, these top sites offer attractive discount codes or sale programs to ensure the optimal shopping experience. Age Theme is no exception. Generously, the company offers a special extra 30% off for your orders to save your fortune.

Apart from 6 prominent faces, there are many other attractive WordPress theme discounts that you cannot resist. For example, customers can quickly find popular vendors, like EngineThemes, 8Degree, Mystery Themes, Olwebdesign, who are offering 15% off codes on all their products.

Among the numerous choices, to choose the right theme and provider, what you need to do is clarify the content and development direction of your website as well as the message you want to convey. No matter what your site purpose is, there are always great WordPress Theme coupons available for you.

How to Use Coupons When Buying WordPress Themes

Although each coupon site has a different interface, basically the process of selecting coupon code and purchasing is the same. The article will take an example of the buying process at MyThemeShop for readers to easily visualize.

1 – Type the store name/”theme” in the search box -> Select the code that seems appealing to you -> Click “Show Code” or “Get Deal” to view details.

how to use wordpress themes coupons 1

2 – Visit MyThemeShop website -> Feel free to search tons of stunning products/services and add to the shopping cart.

how to use wordpress themes coupons 2

3 – Bear in mind that you can find the box to enter the discount code. The box may be named like Voucher/Promo Code/Coupon/Redeem/… -> Paste the discount code that you saved from step 1 into this box.

how to use wordpress themes coupons 3

You have done and just click the purchase button.


In a nutshell, above are just a few representatives of countless reliable theme coupons in the competitive WordPress market. Users should inspect some trusted coupon sites, such as Couponxoo and GoodInfoHome, to find out much more about famous theme providers or best WordPress theme coupons in 2020. From there, you can have clear judgment and analysis to make the most accurate decision. Choosing a suitable theme generates a great possibility of success for your business.