ecommerce-web-developer-tipsAre you on your way to develop your ecommerce website? Well, against the backdrop of contemporary buzzing ecommerce scene, it’s always smart to launch an online store but you must be careful about the web development aspect. The site development part forms the basis of your virtual store and smarter you are here, better would be your site performance and ROI. The fiercely competitive ecommerce zone today demands superior performance from the rising online stores. The article here discusses some of common blunders to avoid while developing your e-commerce website.

Wrong selection of ecommerce software

When you are planning for a DIY e-commerce site development, you would have to work with an ecommerce software platform. Remember, your software platform could be a nerve-racking obstacle or a good supportive ally for your ecommerce experience. Many DIY ecommerce website developers make the wrong mistake of choosing a software platform on a rush, sans proper research, only to end up with a frustrating experience. Thus, you have to be careful about taking a thorough market research to pick a credible and best compatible software. The one you take to should be a popular one, backed by happy successful users. Moreover, if you are not really confident about your technological know-how, go for a reliable software with prompt expert support facilities.

Conventional no- responsive design

This is one of the major blunders when it comes to website development for online stores. Many ecommerce site developers still stick to the traditional no- responsive design where the site gets squeezed and shrunk while opened from small screen browsing devices – rendering an uncomfortable and disturbing read. You must understand that a fair share of online shopping populace today is largely dependent on their smartphones or tablets and hence you have to ensure an easy read for them, akin to those users comfortably browsing from large screened laptops or PCs. Thus, your ecommerce site should come up with edgy responsive design where your site would promise a convenient read and browsing, regardless of the screen size of browsing devices.

Poor product showcase

The way you display your products on the ecommerce site can make or break the potential and ROI of your online store. A lot of shoppers online are forced to check out another site given insufficient product showcase of the previously browsed ecommerce portal- poor product showcase is one of the worst blunders committed in online store web development. You should realize that your online store is akin to the display case of a land-based store outlet where visitors would come to have a clear view of your product. Smart shoppers always gather as much data possible before buying any product. If you do not present your products with sufficient information and vivid pictures, the visitors would stay hesitant and would not mind taking to your competitor site.

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