stock photos business toolsIf you need a photo, you can surf online and find one that you like. But if you are going to use these photos to boost your business, then you have to try using free stock photos. This stock images are high-quality shot yet very affordable that you can use in your marketing strategy. It can be part of your promotional advertisement, commercial projects, or just for websites and blogs.

What are Stock Photos?

Pictures that are already existed can be used in your business. You can pay the author or the management that has that photo and make it your own through licensing. And as soon as it became officially yours, you can use it multiple times in different ways you want to. This is a wise decision for a business to use an available image rather than hiring photographers to create new ones. Either way, you can own the photo, the only difference is that stock photos are way cheaper.

Where Can You Use Stock Photos?

The stock photo can only be used as part of your design. You can’t just display it looking the same image, you have to edit, modify, or customize it to look like your own. Industry uses stock images for marketing and advertising, entertainment and editorial, promotional and design, personal use, and other business-related works.

Also, if you are using the stock photos for selling, like printing the image on a clothing, then you must have an extended license. It is always important to read the terms and conditions of every management working on stock images to avoid illegality.

How Much Stock Photos Cost?

As said in the above statement, stock photos are very affordable, but to be specific it really depends on the license that you get. The Right Manage License allows you to use the stock images whatever, wherever, and whenever you want. You have the right to use according to your will. It ranges from $50 to a thousand.

While the Royalty Free license allows you to preset all images, and it is not exclusive, meaning it can be licensed multiple times. If you’re going to use it once or twice then go for this license as it will only cost you $1 to $15 per image.

There is also what they call stock photo subscription, wherein they can give a large number of photos and reduce each by $0.30, more like a discount.

Stock Photo’s Copyright and Ownership

Now you know that stock photos are very useful and valuable in boosting your business. They can add to the design that helps your advertisement be seen and get noticed. However, you must know that photographer and designer still remain as the owner of the photo. You use it and but never claim it as your own.


We know how tempting and easy it is to download and use photos from the internet. Yet most of us are not aware of the legality of the photos. Although not all pictures on the internet are original and most of them are copyrighted too, we need to be careful in copying or pasting it in social media. You might get shocked to know that you are already in a legal trouble because of it.

So be wise, go through the legal process. If you want to use stock photos then get it licensed. That way there’s nothing going to stop you in boosting your business. Stock photos are a great way to add visual appeal to your advertisement in very low price. You just have to pick the most ideal, eye-catching, and unique photo to help you claim success.

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