mac computer common problemYou probably already realize that your computer can experience problems at pretty much any point. Even if you go above and beyond to keep your computer clean of harmful programs and files, there is still a possibility that something will go wrong. Apple computers are no different. They’re slightly less vulnerable than Windows alternatives, but they can still experience problems. It is always best to familiarize yourself with the potential problems that could occur in advance. This will give you a head start should something go awry. Below, you will learn more about the most common problems associated with the latest Mac computers.

Blue Or Grey Screen When Starting Up

Have you ever turned on your computer and got a blue or grey screen? If you did, there is a pretty good chance that you were left frightened. You probably thought that your computer had sailed the ship and was irreparable. The good news is that this is often very easy to fix. First and foremost, you should disconnect all peripherals. This may fix the problem all on its own. If that doesn’t work, you should perform a safe book. Turn on the computer and hold down the Shift key. After the Apple logo appears, let go of the shift key.

Once you’ve managed to get the computer to turn on, you should run the Disk Utility. There is a good chance that this program will identify and fix the problem automatically.

Spinning Cursor

At some point, you’re going to see the spinning cursor. In some rare cases, the spinning cursor will refuse to disappear. This usually happens when a program in the background has begun to experience problems. This will make it impossible to do many mundane tasks. To fix the problem, you should open your computer’s Activity Monitor. Scan over it carefully and see which program is using the most CPU. Select the program that is bogging down the most CPU and click Quit Process. Wait a second and the problem should fix itself.

After that, you may need to clear up space on your computer’s hard drive. There are various problems that can help. You should also make sure that your trash bin has been emptied. Finally, be sure to uninstall applications that you no longer use!

File Access Issues

There is always a possibility that you’ll run into a file access issue. Perhaps you’re no longer able to run problems or open folders that you once were able to? When you experience this type of problem, you’ll want to try to repair permissions El Capitan. This simple trick will usually get things back in working order. Just remember to proceed with caution, because there are tons of things that could go wrong. Using the Disk Utility is the easiest way to fix these issues, without having to do everything manually. Just make sure that you use the Disk Utility’s First Aid feature. This will scan your computer and identify problems for you.

After that, you’ll be able to fix everything within a matter of minutes!