Advertising online isn’t an “one solution fits all” situation. There are many types of promotional opportunities that come under the ‘advertising’ moniker and there are ways to effectively profit from their use when you know how.

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Here are a few different ways to use advertising online for brand promotion, increased sales, and for other purposes.

Add Some Words Together with AdWords

Google’s Adwords and, to a lesser extent, Google Adsense, are advertising networks run by the search giant that allows advertisers to reach potential customers. Many of the ads are pay-per-click (PPC), which means the advertiser only pays for each click by a viewer, not based on the number of ad impression (the number of times the ad is seen). The network aims to show relevant ads based on the content on the webpage, which makes it more likely the ad will be clicked on and the advertiser will benefit through new visitors, a greater number of sales, etc.

What’s tricky with Adwords is managing an advertising campaign. It’s not a “set it and forget it” situation. You must create the words that go into the ad (or have a banner ad created) and then test the results based on ad clicks vs impressions, completed sales, and so on. Depending on the results, you may choose to alter the ad wording or change the graphics banner ad. It’s best if an Adwords management agency Bangkok manages your ad campaigns for you because it’s extremely time-consuming and requires knowledge in this area to achieve profitability.

Retargeting Ads on Facebook

Arranging for retargeting advertising on Facebook is designed to allow site owners to access previous visitors to their website who didn’t complete a purchase, signup to a newsletter, or take some other sought-after action. A pixel is used on your site to be able to identify the visitor when they’re visiting Facebook later. The social media site can then serve an appropriate advert for your company. Given that they’re recently visited your site, the retargeting ad is often successful in encouraging them to visit once again. Not every purchasing decision can be made right away. Additional thought or consultation with a boss or a partner may be required first. Using retargeting ads allows marketers a second bite at the cherry.

Direct Advertising on Similar Sites

Direct advertising is when seeking out peers that cover a similar niche or market as your site or business and then making an online advertising arrangement with them. It works best when finding an excellent match for your product or service, and their audience.

Sometimes ads are shown in a blog’s sidebar under a title “Our sponsors”, which looks more favorable than an advertising network’s advert that’s not always relevant to the site. It does take some time to find direct advertising options, but when matching the interests well, it can be profitable and good brand building too.

Adverting is not a cookie cutter approach where there’s only one way to go. People are trying different ad networks outside of the major ones to see how they perform. Not all online ads are priced the same because their customers respond to them in different ways. It’s a good idea to experiment with various ideas for advertising to get the best results.