do-i-need-a-design-company-to-create-my-websiteThat is not an easy question to answer. Do you just want a website to stay in touch with friends or use as a diary or do you want a business or corporation website?

If you own a business, you must remember that you will have competition and if you do not know what the terms SEO, ROI, optimization, digital marketing, and pay per click marketing, then you should hire a company such as You need a full service company that will ensure your website is at least found on the first page of search engines or you will not be getting as much as you should and your competition will certainly be pulling in the profits.

When you choose a company, the company should be able to provide all of the services listed below or you are not going to get your money’s worth or the traffic you desire.

Web Design is very important as you want clients to enjoy the look and even the atmosphere of your website. If they are turned off when they see your website, you just lost a sale.

Social Media Marketing is the way to go today. Everyone is on the go and use social media websites to let their friends know what they are doing and the companies they are using. If you are not using social media correctly, you had just as well forget building a website.

Search Engine Optimization is what will bring you traffic. The bots of the search engines look over your sight for specific keywords so they know where you should be listed in their search engine. In order to be on the first page, you must have an expert SEO company, or you will be buried back on page 254.

Search Engine Marketing is another tool if used correctly can be in loads of traffic that are looking for your specific product or service. There are many different marketing tools that a good SEO company will be able to explain and provide.

Facebook Marketing is probably one of the most important marketing schemes you should use as it is a bit different than other social media outlets along with video marketing you should have more traffic and more sales than you can imagine.

Local Search Optimization is also very important especially if you have a store or building so you can bring in local traffic instead of bringing in traffic from China when you live in New Orleans, Louisiana. The same goes with maps search strategy. All of these must be done correctly in order to get the traffic to your door and to your website so you can grow your business.