website traffic tips guidesOf course, if you want your law practice to survive and thrive, you must maintain your current clients and get a consistent stream of new ones. There are different ways of promoting and marketing your law firm website online, and the most effective way to gain a better online presence is to invest some time into SEO for your website.

Once you nail down legal SEO, your website will benefit from organic traffic from Google and other search engines. This will lead to a larger number of local clients and reduce the overall amount of money needed for advertising your services. Studies revealed 96% of people in need of legal services use various search engines. Besides, 38% of these people use the internet to identify an excellent attorney and get in touch with them. Here are tips for building SEO traffic to your website.

1. Share Great Content

Naqvi Injury Law, a reputable law firm, emphasizes publishing informative legal guides, articles, and other relevant pieces of content on a law firm’s site. Simply give your target audience a reason to visit your site and spent some time combing through your content.

Your site isn’t different from the restaurant down the street. For such a business, what would you advise them if they plan to get more customers a Friday night? You would tell them to create an atmosphere that caters to the specific customers they desire. Your website isn’t different: figure out what your target audience is searching for and publish it on your website.

2. Claim Your GMB Listing

Ensure your law firm is listed in GMB (Google My Business). You will be required to provide your business’s basic information, including contact information, address, and other relevant details. Make this information is verified by getting a postcard from Google or using your phone number.

Once approved, you can add details such as your business website, areas of practice, history, and more. Your customers will have the chance to leave reviews. Note that these reviews and the entire GMB profile will show in search results, making it for your target audience to find your business online.

3. Use Schema Markup

Also known as structured data markup, schema markup helps search engines better understand a particular website and make it look appear different in Google and other search engines. Often a simple text snippet is accompanied by star ratings, video, breadcrumbs, site links, and much more. When done correctly, schema markup can give your website an edge over your competitors whose results will be just plain text in the SERPs.


You must have realized that legal SEO isn’t difficult if you already know what to do. Don’t forget that SEO is a long-term strategy. Work towards setting it up properly, and in the end, you will reap benefits for a very long time. And if you know less about SEO and other online marketing strategies, seek help from an expert.