emotional marketing tips guidesWhen we name some brand, we generally revise its logo, probably key images of its campaign and, what is more, we add some connotation to it. If it is positive, we feel more loyal to brand, we will differ it out among other similar goods representatives.

As people of 21st century we seem to ourselves rather logical and reasonable men and women, but cases like “I am not ready to wear anything, but Gucci as it is beneath me” still occur. It may be funny to observe when a person rejects an idea to have lunch in one food court restaurant as they don’t have his favourite Coca-Cola and sell enemy Pepsi. All such events is a result of good work from marketers side.

In other words, emotional marketing is about adding extra feeling to a company’s name and logo. It is when about you feel in the choicest when buying Ferrari or Chanel. But it’s only one side of marketing the another one is marketing platform helps the businesses to expand, to process payment transactions, communicate with customers around the planet, and optimize commercial performance as example – omismedia marketing platform.

The approach itself is based on one of needs from Maslow’s hierarchy: on the level of creativity we want to be recognized and respected by others as we belong to a specific group of individuals, different from others, in a good sense. Steve Jobs has successfully played on it when he was presenting new phones.

Thus, when we see an advertisement our emotions make us buying, rather than the ad itself. For example, you see an ad that someone is selling iPhone, a new one, used only for a week. The price is not high, however it is still bigger than for any other good and absolutely new phone. And you may catch yourself already thinking that $500 is not so much, no matter how much time you will need to earn it and that your current phone is performing well. But that is Apple!

How Do Marketers Reach Such Effect?

As easy as a pie. One of the most widely used tricks is creating an emotional story that will excite and make a person show compassion. If you remember Airbnb advertising, you may have watched a video about nice woman Carol. The video is laced with warmth. Each time you will see the logo or ad of the accommodation service, you are quite likely to choose it, as it brings you back to that feeling of compassion and desire to make something good.

Unfortunately, people may choice on the ground of their emotions and not because of true facts. Storytelling arises emotions and, when people buy or order something advertised with emotions – they feel involved. The more this feeling is, the higher is the company’s success.

Every detail is counted when emotional strategy is developed. Marketers often communicate with psychologists even to choose the colors. The most vivid example is about social networks. Facebook’s logo is dark blue, the colour is often referred with something calm and cosy. Do you remember why do we need social networks? Yes, right you are – to get relaxed, to chat with friends and have some fun from videos and photos. That’s it!

It may be said that marketing plays on our feelings and emotions. We are people and with a penchant for sympathizing as it helps us to live life completely.

Share with us what was the ad that caused your strongest emotions both like a buyer and a marketer and why.