web-development-tips-successful-websiteAre you planning to build a website for your company? It could be that you have a retail outlet and you are looking forward to an eCommerce solution to ensure a convenient shopping experience for your consumers. That’s great but you should know that the contemporary eCommerce scene presents a cut-throat competition and hence only the best of websites are able to make a mark. The performance of your website depends largely on the way it would be developed and hence you should be really careful about the web development strategies. The post here presents a short brief on expert web development tips for a successful website.

Easy Navigation

This is one of the most important tips when it comes to developing a successful website. Your visitors are looking for a convenient browsing experience and hence your site should be able to promise easy navigation. The experts advise to place navigation links at bottom, top, right & left side of the web page. Are you planning graphic buttons for site navigation? Well, the buttons are no doubt catchy but remember these can elaborate the loading time. So, don’t use graphic buttons when your website has more than 6 links.

Good Speed

It’s a super-busy world today and people are usually short of time. Thus, if your website cannot promise a speedy loading, your visitors won’t hesitate to take to another website. Your homepage must not take more than 8 seconds to load. As per some recent surveys, eCommerce websites are losing kind of 1.1 – 1.3 billion USD in revenue every year given visitors click-away resulting from slow loading websites.


You have to ensure appropriate META tags for HTML of every page of the website. The META tags help search engines in determining relevant keywords in regards to a particular site. You must know that around 80 percent of entire site traffic generates from 8 chief search engines -and hence you must be careful on optimizing your website as per the activities of search engines.

Elaborate Product Pages

If it’s an eCommerce site then your products are the most pivotal of your web portal. Hence you have to be really elaborate with the product pages. Make sure to offer clear and multiple pictures describing each of the products. There must be the zoom facility so that the visitors can have an enlarged view for a clearer perception. You should also be careful to offer concise descriptions for each of the products featured, highlighting on all the principal characteristics of the product. The smart shoppers prefer an informed shopping experience and hence you should try to be as informative as possible with your product pages.

Responsive Website

This is another very significant tip when it comes to successful web development. A responsive website is the one which assures a convenient read, irrespective of the screen size of the browsing device. The older websites were not smartphone friendly and offered a shrunk view while opened from smaller devices. But if you stick to the conventional norm you might lose out on a great chunk of visitors today. A huge share of online users today is more focused on tablets and smartphones and thus it’s important to ensure an easy viewing experience for them.

Introduce On-Site Analytic

Your website should be equipped with on-site analytic so that you can keep track of the user activities taking place on your site. This helps you to understand what your visitors prefer about your site and their dislikes as well- which in turn enables you to develop a stronger site as per your visitors’ interests.

Finally, you must understand that better database optimization is needed for higher web development performance, which can be acquired by using solarwinds at RIN.