radar detector buying tipsRadar detectors are electronic devices used to detect if the speed of motorists is being detected by law enforcement or police using radar guns. They are valuable devices for all drivers since they can save their valuable money and time. When radar is revealed, radar detectors use visual and audio warnings to alert motorist that they are risking their speed being recorded by police.

Since the market of such devices is recently crowded by both genuine and fake products, it is ideal that you conduct some research before considering any seller of radar detectors in your area. Be assured that courtesy of research you will be in a position to secure a reliable dealer that will give you satisfactory services, genuine products as well as satisfactory services. Before promoting any seller of radar detectors, there are some key features you need to be aware of including GPS navigation, portability, auto- learn function, POP detection capabilities and range.

#1: Purchasing a Radar Detector With GPS Navigation:

GPS technology will ensure that radar detectors give out warnings each time a vehicle is approaching fixed speed cameras, red traffic lights as well as any other kind of speed trap. Be assured that this can to a great extent increase the functionality of any standard radar detector and eventually protect you against a large number of potential threats.

Having radar detectors which double as GPS also reduces significantly clutter around a car’s dashboard.

#2: Auto-learn Functionality:

Any best radar detector should include the auto- learn feature that have the capability of identifying and marking settings for future reference. When driving around towns, auto- learn will enable you be in a position to filter out signals which might seem as though they are coming from radar yet they are false alarms.

When detectors with auto- learn abilities sense a false trigger, like an automatic gate being closed at a building, they will mark its location and learn to automatically dismiss it.

Most detectors are designed in a manner that they can learn about location of false triggers, once they encounter similar signal thrice.

#3: Portability:

Most radar detectors are often powered by standard 12- volt power adapters which can be plugged into a car’s standard vehicle lighter outlet directly. There are others which can be powered by batteries and thus are more portable. Such devices which mount onto sun visors with clips or windshields with suction cups should be preferred always as they do not require any experience to move them quickly from one car to another.

If you are among those drivers planning to be switching vehicles often, the ideal choice for you should be the cordless, battery- powered detector.

#4: POP System Detection:

Whatever manufacturers of detectors come up with, law enforcement radar devices are always trying to find tricks to help to shield themselves easily against it. For instance, law enforcement has introduced POP modes into their radar guns. POP modes is a technology enabling radar guns to easily send short signals which cannot be picked by most outmoded radar detectors.

Fortunately, there are types of radar detectors which have been introduced in the market recently that can easily pick up signals from any radar gun using POP mode.

#5: Radar Detector Range:

Best radar detectors alert motorists so that they can reduce their speed before being recorded by law enforcement or traffic police. This therefore means that timing these alerts is very essential. Generally, radar detector range is great since the earlier radar is detected, the more time motorist have to slow down.

Bottom Line

The primary function of radar detectors is to serve as passive reminders and an alert to allow drivers reevaluate their speed. If motorists happen to be speeding unintentionally, the audible device from radar detectors will prompt them to check how fast they are going, and can save them a great deal of headaches.

Before you decide to buy a radar detector, ensure your county or state doesn’t limit the use of such tool. References from your relatives or friends that own radar detectors are among some of the magnificent leads that can enable you find the best radar detectors that will perfectly suit your needs.