Free Website Builder provides to members a free website builder and hosting service. The free website builder is an easy to use online presentation that allows you to build a site without any knowledge in programming or web design. This application includes 100s of a ready-made templates and easy drag and drop interface. You will also get free hosting service for the website that you build with site builder application.

Blog or website

Now if you are just starting on a blog or website for a new small business – you will need to admit that things don’t get much cheap and easier than that.

Website builder is easy to learn

Learning how to use the builder is easy also. The builder starts from the hosting panel with only a few clicks of the building icon.


The next step is to pick a template from the many that are exhibited on the left hand side of the screen. When you pick that template that you like to have – click on the select button.

Fill in all website info

The next step is to fill out all the website information that will need to be on your website and making choices of which pages that you want in your website on the top menu and entered website title, description and keywords.

Website builder menu

At the top of your home page you will find the menus for website builder, with icons for publish/savechange of template and adding forms, text, and images. Beneath the menu will be the template that you have already chosen.

New text area or picture

For a new text area or picture etc., in the website just click on the icon picture, drag it in your website area and drop it in the place that you want it to be. To edit anything on the site you only need to move the mouse over the items that you want to edit and 2 icons will appear.

  • Click on it for move the item to a new place.
  • Click on it and a menu with actions will appear.

When you finish your site you click Save/Publish on the website builder’s top menu and the website will be saved on your free hosting account and will be accessible from the internet.

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