responsive-wordpress-theme-business-blogsThere are various WordPress themes that you can use in various projects. They are all accessible to the public and free to use with each retaining a quality of uniqueness.

Over the years, the WordPress community had evolved to become very huge. There are millions of users, tens of thousands of writers and thousands of developers. They all work in sync in order to take WordPress to the next level. Consequently, their product of their work manifests itself in the development and design of free themes.

If you want to start a website or set up your blog, WordPress themes offer you the opportunity to do so. Opportunity may arise to become a content writer. However, the resources may be lacking to develop a personalized site that comes with a domain and hosting. However, a WordPress site gives you the opportunity to realize your ambitions while rebuilding the site to reflect your progress.

The following are some themes you can utilize to hit the ground running in your quest to develop your profile or engage in online business activities:


Appliance allows you to highlight blog posts visually as opposed to listing them on the site. It has a responsive theme that works towards presenting panels across the page. Using a light code, it is quick to load featuring a look that is suitable for magazine formatted content. You can use a good image for each post. This theme is appropriate for portfolios, blogs and magazines.


Zenith is a responsive them with a magazine-style layout. One of its key features is the space for large images. It comes with multiple layout options featuring support for Gravity forms as well as custom templates and menus. It is suitable for event promotion.


If you want to showcase your content, you can use Noteworthy. It features a bold theme that draws parallels with the USA Today Website. This is a modern and tidy theme with a tinge of aggressive design in some quarters. However, the most recent post is highlighted in a way that it will not go unnoticed. This type of theme is appropriate for a magazine.


Origin features a chic design despite being a little conservative. It is used to showcase content and suits websites as well as blogs. The responsive theme shifts the focus of visitors to content. The free version known as Origin lite has a two-column layout and gallery featuring tailor-made widgets for social media networks and categories.


If you want to highlight products and projects, you can utilize Folder Responsive site. It is suitable for use in websites and has offerings like five different widgets, admin panel and custom project posts.

The aforementioned responsive WordPress themes are among the best available today. What you use is determined by the requirements. However, with a large variety of responsive themes, you are bound to find what you need in the shortest time possible.