free-speech-web-hosting-protects-your-right-to-an-opinionCountries across the globe are run by governments that are increasingly chopping away at free speech. Some countries never had it while others enjoyed many decades with free speech. Web hosting is the next battleground for anti-free speech laws to take on. Often referred to as “hate speech laws” these regulations and laws aim to stifle opposing views from the current government. It is time to investigate free speech web hosting companies and compare them to find the right one for you. Not all companies offering this service are genuine. You need to verify their location, the laws in the country that your site is hosted and that your site won’t break those laws.

Specifically in what is often referred to as “first world countries” such as the United States and Canada, free speech is stifled daily. From anti-protest laws to “hate speech” laws, the right to free speech is becoming an endangered activity. Say something that someone may disagree with enough and you could face having your website removed and all traces of your right to speak your mind removed from the Internet. In extreme cases you might even face a law suit which can become expensive and frustrating process. There are ways to protect your right to free speech though. Through some basic research you can find free speech web hosting services that are located in free speech friendly countries, even if you yourself are not.

While governments design laws to prevent problems, they may also unintentionally limit your freedom of speech online and give right for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other actionable offices, to stop free speech on the Internet. If you in example don’t like a politician and you stated that fact on your website? Get ready because if you have raised the ire of that politician enough, they could seek legal action against your website and have it seized by the FBI and taken down from the Internet.

The best way to protect yourself from this action is to seek out a free speech web hosting company that is located in a country that has up to date free speech laws. There are plenty of web hosts available that will promise free speech protection but then host your website in a restrictive country such as the United States, or worse.

Key things to pay attention to when searching for a free speech web hosting company include:

  • Country of origin for the web host
  • Country hosting your files (not always the same as the web host)
  • Laws of the country hosting your site (particularly free speech laws)
  • Terms of Service of the web host

Verifying these few things prior to purchasing free speech web hosting will ensure your website is protected. Just keep in mind, the laws of the country hosting your website are the laws governing your website. If you violate those and you could face legal action in a foreign country. This is why it is imperative to verify the laws of that country before making the decision to use any free speech web hosting service.

Free speech should be a fundamental right to all people, no matter their geographical location. Unfortunately, the inconvenient truth is that it is not a right for everyone on the planet. For those that do enjoy it, it is quickly being stripped from them. Protecting your freedom of speech, especially online, is something people should be focused on.

Censorship is a big concern on the Internet today, from government to the web hosting company. The odds are you are going to run in to it at some point. Taking simple precautions beforehand can save you a lot of hassle and headache. Protect yourself, protect your right to free speech. Take our recommendation or research free speech web hosting services online before making your final decision.