Technology has been an excellent partner in our lives. It help us do things that seems to be impossible to do. We can give a call or send a message to a person, and it helps us connect with people through social media by using our phones. We can watch news and movies without bringing your T.V anymore. Reading article while riding on a bus is made possible by tablets.

We don’t have to go out to buy our meals, one call from your iPhone and the food will be delivered right in front of your doorsteps. All I can say is that technology made our lives easier.

We want to be able to use gadgets as long as we want, but the problem is that it has a lot of kick in it that it has to be constantly charged. Being away from the house or any power supplies post a big dilemma for us. We do not want to miss that call, but we can’t just stop watching our favorite movie. So to answer this problem, I listed some things that might help you to reduce the battery consumption of your gadgets even a little.



Gadgets, like phones made our lives much easier. Phones have many uses. Sending messages, giving a call, connecting on social media and you can use it for reading too. It has a lot of uses, but a phone has its limits as well. Without Wi-Fi or signal phone becomes almost useless. Also big problems, not just for a phone, but to all electronic devices are its duration of use. The more data you are using from your phone or from other electronic devices, the shorter the time you can use them. So how can we stretch the capabilities of your phone?

1. Turning off its Wi-Fi and location when not in use.

A Wi-Fi and location service drains your battery even though you have already locked your phone. They are still accessing the data while it is locked. Wi-Fi constantly looks for possible connections where it can connect so it is using your data which in return drains your battery.

2. Lower the brightness of your screen.

By lowering the brightness of your screen you are helping your phone to lessen the consumption of energy. The brighter the scree, the more the energy is consumed.

3. Closing apps that are not in use.

Multi-tasking is an excellent skill, but not for phones especially if you are saving the remaining batteries. Although the app is not running, but it still takes data from the background and drains the battery of your phone.


Now a gadget for gadgets. One of the best solution for phones and other gadgets today are power banks. Now you can use your phones as much as you want. Power banks stores power which you can use to charge your phone. Although some power banks are small in appearance, you should not get them wrong. They bring a lot of power contrary to their appearance. If you are looking for some good power banks let me suggest They offer a wide variety of power banks and other accessories.