Being an important part of any event, promotion needs special attention. What does make people pay their attention to something? – Good design. That is what you can always get when you work with It is a highly efficient WordPress site and it performs its main function – it increases the sales rates.

Creating a website, we take many factors into consideration. A modern website is an important tool that has to be used properly in order to promote your products rapidly and efficiently. At the same time, the website should be stable and secured enough so neither owner nor clients could be harmed in any way.

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In order to meet the demands of a market, we had to implement several necessary functions, which made the website efficient.

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Here is the list of the additional functions we have implemented:

  • Automatic content optimization (used for images and systems files). The task was to decrease the amount of time a user needs to download the page. Therefore, we implemented the system of content optimization. It helps to provide users with the best experience possible, as they do not have to wait too much.
  • Schema using. When it comes to searching, a user always wants to spend the least possible amount of time. Schema helps search engines show more information and make it easier for a user to understand if the page includes something they are looking for. Using Schema, owners of a website can provide clients with important additional information, which again makes users’ experience better.
  • Social networks integration. We always want to know what our clients think about us. In order to avoid a process of registration at, a client can write comments using their social networks accounts. It is fast and easy, just like everyone likes. It is a good solution of the feedback problem.
  • Paid content protection. Protection is one of the key requirements. As website developers, we understand the desire of our clients to protect their content. The system protects the paid content. It helps to avoid illegal content downloading. The website has to be secured and the content should be protected. This way helps to maintain high quality of content, as owners can guarantee content creators that their work will not be stolen.
  • Paid content downloading control. The website features a special system that controls who and when downloads paid content. It is an additional measure that helps make sure that everything is correct and a client always gets what they paid for. It helps to create informative logs and track the process of content buying. It helps to solve the task of content buying tracking.
  • Automatic subscription canceling. Since the website uses subscriptions system, it is necessary to make sure that it is cancelled automatically. The task was to create a system that cancels subscriptions automatically. Therefore, clients should not worry about it. It is another way of making the website more ergonomic.
  • Google marketing tools integration. We want to provide our clients with crucial information about their website. Google marketing tools help gather more information that is crucial for owners of companies. The information helps them better understand preferences of their clients. It is important to fulfill the task, since the information is very important and it can influence the company strategy.

All the features mentioned above are important. The features we implemented turned into a popular website, which provides its client with first class flyers for different kinds of events.