have-a-pet-then-check-out-these-5-new-appsIf you have a Fido or a Fluffy and own a smartphone, you’ll definitely want to check out these five new apps specially designed for pet lovers like you. These apps range from pet care and grooming to social networking for pets. Let’s dig in:


This one’s exclusive to dogs and is available in Austin, Seattle and Portland regions only, as of now. It’s awesome, so let’s hope that it spreads to all cities soon. Basically, BarkHappy is a social networking app that you can use to meet up with dog enthusiasts and other establishments. It uses location data to bring up the profiles of other dogs that your dog might be compatible with, and you can take your dog out for a play date or a walk. The app can also show nearby hotels, shops and other areas with a list of their pet policies and other amenities. BarkHappy is just gaining popularity and is starting to expand its services to other areas as well.


Planning to go on a vacation, but can’t find a good kennel for your dog? Then you’ll definitely want to get DogVacay. This app connects users with over 20,000 highly rated dog sitters from both the U.S and Canada. If you reserve one of the sitters, you also get tons of coverage, including the best pet insurance for veterinary treatment, round-the-clock customer support and daily updates that include photos and videos.

Pet First Aid

A split second decision might be the difference between life and death. Be prepared for the worst with Pet First Aid. This app gives you great advices on how to take care of your pet, tips on how to administer medication and a lot more. The app also has a useful “early warning sign checker,” which is great for preventive care.


Tagg allows you to keep track of your pets wherever they go, using navigation software and a Tagg GPS tracker you attach to your pet’s collar. Tagg has many other useful features, too, like setting boundaries for your pet, tracking its movement and receiving instant notifications. It’s a great peace-of-mind should you ever lose your pet.


It’s hard to resist those doleful eyes staring up at you as you enjoy dinner. Maybe you sometimes “drop” a morsel on the floor for Fido. The problem is that there are a bunch of people foods that aren’t so great for pooches. The app iKibble tells you what you can feed and what you cannot. It allows users to search for a particular food item and gives details on how to prepare it, especially for the dog, its nutritional values and more.

Great apps are being churned out every day, so be on the lookout for more pet-friendly ones that help make life with your pet safer, healthier and happier.