learn-how-technology-reduces-our-productivityTechnology is the most important aspect of our lives. Without it, our generation cannot survive satisfactorily. Since, technology is enhanced on a daily basis it betters our lives in a million ways. It has reduced human efforts to an extent that the current generation is totally dependent. People have trouble in sleeping properly because of lack of physical activity.

People have become increasingly addictive towards technology. This can distract people easily and hence results in low productivity of a person. In order to make sure that you stay productive, you need to avoid over usage of technology as much as you can. In this article, we will be talking about the ways in which the increased use of technology has made you unproductive and how to overcome it.

In what ways does the technology affect our sleep?

Sleeping is the most important activity for your body. This is because, after a long day of too much exertion, your body needs rest, which can only happen by sleeping properly. However, these days, due to technology people find it hard to sleep and hence they eventually suffer from sleeping disorders. Sleeping disorders leads to various health issues and hence it is important to sleep properly. Here are some ways in which technology affects your sleep –

  • Distraction – When you get addicted towards technology, you tend to reduce your productivity. This is because, the gadget you are using easily distracts you and you get tempted to use it further. In addition, when you sleep less, you are tend to stay tired the next day that reduces your potential to work properly.
  • Addiction – once you start using gadgets, you get addicted to them easily. This is because technology reduces your efforts and hence makes you lazier. It connects you with people easily and hence you would want to stay connected with them as long as possible. This makes you make addicted towards your gadgets.

In order to avoid getting addicted to gadgets, you can adopt various habits like charging your gadget away from your bed, reducing the usage of your gadget, sleeping properly to avoid sleeping disorders. For sleeping properly, you can even go for good quality mattresses. Log onto www.mattress-inquirer.com to know which kind of mattress is best for you. They have the best articles, which will guide you better.

How to improve your sleep by reducing the usage of the technology?

Now that we know that technology plays a very important role in affecting your sleeping habits, you need to know how you can reduce the usage of your gadgets in order to have a proper rest. This will not only enhance your productivity during work but also improve your metabolism. Here are some ways in which you can enhance your sleep –

  • Download the apps – there are plenty of apps available on the internet, which are meant for your gadgets. Some of them allow you to dim down the brightness, so that it does not strain your eyes providing you more relaxation and others will allow you to switch on the ‘Do not disturb’ mode. This will ensure that you do not receive any phone calls or text messages while you are sleeping.
  • Avoid using your gadgets at night – if it is not urgent, you must avoid using your cell phones at night. Using your phones at night will distract you and hence you will not be able to sleep properly.
  • Silent your gadgets before sleeping – make sure that you silent your gadget before going to sleep. This will ensure that the annoying alerts do not disturb your sleep.

Always ensure that you are sleeping on the correct mattress, which suits your sleeping posture. You need to remember that sleeping properly will increase your productivity.