high end bathroom sinks by aquatica
A sink is an integral part of any bathroom. This element not only serves an important practical purpose but also plays a huge role in interior design.

If you decide to invest in a luxurious bathtub, you will have to choose a high-quality and stunning sink as well. One of the most popular choices for a classy and elegant household is a bowl sink. This type of sinks has been quite rare and unique designer choice up until twenty years ago. Now, this bathroom element still remains popular and trendy.

Here at Aquatica, you will be able to select just a perfect vessel sink for your house or other places as well. Such luxurious sinks suit well for high-end hotels and restaurants. There is plenty of room for your imagination as the diverse catalog allows picking a perfect option for each interior.

All vessel sinks range in size (from 10 to 39 inches) and shape (round and oval, rectangular, or unusually shaped). Another essential criterion is the color, which can change the mood of the whole room. You can choose a sink in one color (black, white, bronze, etc.) or in different colors inside and outside (black and white, brown and white, green, red, etc.).

advantages of aquatica vessel sinks

The Advantages of Aquatica Vessel Sinks

There is a reason why Aquatica sinks are so popular, and it is because of the supreme quality and excellent designs. Here are the key benefits of choosing a sink by Aquatica:

  • Materials – each sink is made of high-quality composite materials that remind of real stone. They are very durable and incredibly easy to clean. They are manufactured on the main factory in Europe without any intermediaries;
  • Versatility – these sinks are perfectly suitable for any bathroom countertop. However, take into account the height of the surface you intend to put the sink on. The dimensions of each sink are described on the website.

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