mattress business branding tips guidesSimba and Puffy are two of the most representative brands of the bed-in-a-box industry. They both had a sudden success to the public and both registered unbelievable profits from their very first year of existence as a brand. Even more, Simba and Puffy continue to grow and develop at alarmingly fast rates against all odds of failure that were predicted for the trend.

So what’s the secret? What is the ingredient that inflated these brands’ profits almost overnight and why can’t everyone have this type of success? Since this is the question that goes through every business manager’s mind, we decided to do a quick analysis of their success. So, if you’re curious, continue reading.

The Answer to a Pressing Need

The bed-in-a-box industry simply exploded with the first company that started the trend in 2014 (Casper). Buyers seemed to simply go crazy after the concept and more and more people switch from standard bed buying to online browsing.

Well, this may seem like some type of dumb luck, but these companies are the answer to an extremely pressing need that was already piling up in the market: a simpler way to buy a mattress. People today don’t have the time or will to go from showroom to showroom, testing mattresses and talking to salespeople. They want a simple and easy to understand process that in the end will produce a quality mattress.

A Simplified Way of Buying

Before online mattresses, the process was rather complex as it involved a lot of time wasted on meaningless drives from one store to another. You also had to muster the force to speak with countless salespeople whose only was to sell you the most expensive product (they usually work on commission) and you had to navigate your way to all sorts of features that sound complicated and fancy but sort of mean the same thing.

Phew! I get tired only by reading the phrase above! So, when the online mattress industry showed up with an extremely simplified process, there was no doubt as to where the customers will be.

Better Product Presentation

I think we can all admit that a site looks a lot better than a showroom! But it’s not just about this. These companies work hard to keep their customers and bring new ones, using various discounts (speaking of, you can find an advantageous Simba mattress discount code here), pairing up with charities, and creating a solid online reputation.

They’re also open about their product’s features and don’t hide behind fancy words and fabrics just to balloon up the price. This creates a connection based on trust, whereas showrooms and salespeople are not always the most trustworthy.

Lower Prices

Furthermore, because companies no longer have to invest in showrooms and pay salespeople, the price of a high-quality product plummeted. So, nowadays you can find a good mattress online at about 30% or even 50% off in comparison to the price in showrooms.

Online companies like Simba and Puffy also offer a very good deal with free transport, an easy to manage product, and extended trial periods.

Customer Communication

Both brands are known for their transparency and openness towards customers, as they offer several open lines of communications. Besides this, they also support serious sites looking to review their products without asking them to hide any negative traits they might find (as proof, we have a TopMattress Puffy review and coupon). This way, they make sure the buyer learns about the product’s features from a trustworthy third party.

Finally, both Simba and Puffy are open to product return, as long as it happens during the trial period and the mattress is compliant with return rules. Usually these mattresses are donated to a local charity, so it’s definitely not in the company’s interest to work with returns.

Overall, these brands have won the marketing lottery by being open and honest with their buyers while also offering an alternative to the standard way of buying a bed. And the industry is thriving!