how to choose a facebook proxy online

A proxy is a server that helps you access your Facebook. In situations where your IP access might be blocked by a firewall either for mandatory restrictions at work, school, or a country proxy server helps you bypass the restriction. Simply put, a Facebook proxy is an unrestricted master key access to your Facebook accounts.

Facebook proxy online works as an intermediary between your device and Facebook. So Instead of connecting to the internet directly which is already restricted, you’ll connect to the proxy server first. Then the proxy server is used to connect to Facebook to mask identifying about you, which includes your IP address. This will allow you to visit the internet freely and bypass websites that are normally blocked.

Types of Proxies

The proxy you can choose based on your preference includes;

  • open or shared proxies;
  • semi-dedicated proxies;
  • private proxies.

As Facebook needs a login of a password and other private, it is advisable to use a secure proxy at all times.

Free proxies are usually slow and are not safe for password social media like Facebook. We will be looking at three options for proxy servers below and how safe they are to use.

Open proxies

Open proxies are shared by multiple users and they are often unreliable as they don’t work most of the time. And if you happen to find a Shared Proxy that works well with Facebook and helps you bypass a firewall, there is the other major problem of hacking.

Open proxies always come with major security concerns. When you use your login details containing your username and password to access your Facebook account on an Open proxy, the login details will be shared with an unknown shared proxy server that anyone might have access to.

The downside to this is that you can have your Facebook account hacked and have your identity stolen for criminal activities which can be detrimental to a person’s reputation with people they have networked with over time on the Facebook platform.

Semi-dedicated proxies

Semi-dedicated proxies for Facebook are different and better than public ones. They are more secure and not open to the public, so your username and password are more secure, that said, it will be more difficult for hackers to get into your account.

But they also have issues. Semi-dedicated proxies have multiple users, like open proxies. Even though your login details are on a more secure server, you can get in trouble. If you shared an IP address with someone else, usually random, and they did something incriminating or break the rules of a platform like Facebook while you are online with the same shared IP address you can be blocked. No one really cares if it was you who committed the crime.

Private proxies

Private proxy, just as the name implies, is user unique. It is well secure and allows you to visit the Facebook website without giving any login to a public server. You will also be able to surf the web much faster. This is like the best proxy server for USA.


Proxies are a great way of avoiding restrictions on your access to the web, but they are best used if secure.