The benefits of using Salesforce for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are seemingly endless. If you have not already switched to Salesforce, then perhaps you should, and evne if you are already using it, you can still take further advantage of it. However, even after you have decided to use Salesforce, you will also have to get the system running as effectively and quickly as possible in order to truly reap the benefits.

If you happen to be in New York City, then a Salesforce partner in NYC can assist you, using best practices to guide the entire process. When it comes to choosing a Salesforce consultation/implementation partner, you should ask yourself the following five integral questions.

1. Are they experienced?

You just cannot disregard and overlook the importance of experience. When it comes to the implementation of Salesforce, the benefits of experience can be just as high as when visiting a practicing doctor rather than someone who has just graduated from medical school. Someone who is experienced in Salesforce implementation will also be inherently knowledgeable about overcoming common challenges and the things that makes sense in various situations. This way, the system can be implemented speedily and the end result turns out to be better.


2. Are they certified?

Salesforce has numerous certifications, such as certifications for administrators or certifications for developers. There is a reason the system has all these certifications. These Salesforce certifications can only be earned once you have undergone demanding and meticulous testing as proof that you are knowledgeable about the system and are able to respond to various situations accordingly and appropriately. If the team you decide to work with is highly certified, it will mean that you will be working with very skilled individuals.

3. Are their clients satisfied?

No doubt, the importance of certifications and experience cannot be ignored, but before you choose a Salesforce partner in NYC, you must make sure they are indeed certified and experienced. It is important that you get an idea of the general opinion existing clients share about your prospective partner. Keep in mind that you may also work with your prospective partner during other future engagements even after the Salesforce system has been implemented. So, be wise and learn more about your prospective partner through their customers.

4. Are they experts in the industry?

If the answer to three above three questions is yes, in terms of a prospective Salesforce partner, then another thing you will have to determine is whether or not they are experts in your particular industry. When it comes to defining capabilities and following best practices for implementation, having someone with expertise in the desired industry can prove to be quite beneficial. If your Salesforce has industry expertise, they will be able to more informed and well-researched solutions on how you can solve common problems using the system. In additional, your partner’s industry experience will also mean that they will be able to help you implement the system quickly and smoothly.

5. Are they geographically renowned?

Finally, your prospective partner must also have a geographical presence. Depending on where your business is located, it would be unwise to work with a partner who is present on the other end of the globe. If a global rollout is a part of your plan, then the partner you work with should have a global presence too and should have team members all over the world that can be dispatched to your worldwide office locations. If not, it will be best for you to work with a local Salesforce partner.


If you are looking for a salesforce partner in NYC to lead your implementation, it is very important that you ask yourself the above questions and make your choice based on the answers. Try your best to choose and work with a partner who demonstrates all five of the above traits.